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URGENT FEEDBACK REQUIRED: What is the future of media & music culture creation?

Tomorrow I am speaking at the Digital Culture Public Sphere consultation run by Senator Kate Lundy and Minister Simon Crean in order to form a collaborative submission on digital culture in Australia to the National Cultural Policy consultation.


I’m covering “The future of media culture creation in a digital world” but the Public Sphere wiki hasn’t had many contributions. Here’s you chance to contribute to a 10 year strategy for Australian digital culture, and the broader national cultural agenda.

There’s plenty of ways you can get involved via the Wiki, but for expediency and to help me easily deliver your ideas could you please either write a comment here or via Twitter using the hashtag #publicspheremedia so I can collate.

This is fairly urgent. I will be presenting the collated ideas at about 12.30pm tomorrow (6 Oct 2011).

Ideas to address include:

  • How do you imagine the sector could look in the future? How could Australia excel? What would a 10 year plan look like?
  • What are some tangible ways we could measure progress in this area?
  • Ideas to achieve the vision for Australia.
  • Add your thoughts and references for where this sector is going, emerging business models, opportunities for commercialisation
  • Any additional information you think might be useful, including case studies, success stories, research papers.
  • Leading case studies from the sector to help contextualise Australian innovation in this area


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Written by Craig Wilson