The Moggies Top Ten

After being inundated with dozens of entries for the inaugural Moggy Awards for the best media and marketing blog post of 2008, I have managed to whittle down the entries to a Top Ten. This was no easy task due to the high quality of most entries. Some bloggers were nominated several times as well, so I had to make a judgement call on which was the best post to consider.

The two most nominated bloggers were Gavin Heaton and Julian Cole. In the end I went with a post for Gavin that I felt best represented his overall style and contribution.

Julian has two nominations in the Top Ten. I agonised over this because there were so many worthy entries, but these two posts were just too hard to ignore. His post announcing the Top 50 Australian Marketing blogs deserves recognition mainly for the initiative and effort that went into creating the list. Meanwhile his NAB Spamming video was such a gutsy example of the style Julian has brought to the Aussie blogosphere….it deserves its own category.

The Top Ten also showcases a variety of blogging styles, from straightforward written commentary, thoughtful questions, original video, third party video, and the always popular list. Some generated plenty of comment, others plenty of thought.

Once I finished the list I realised that 8 out of the 10 posts were written by men. I consequently reviewed all entries to see why the male skew and quickly realised that this fairly accurately reflects the male/female ratio in the nominations. I did have another female listed in the Top Ten until I realised she was American. Not sure how she slipped through the cracks. Shame because it a great blog.

Remember the main objective here is to promote and encourage quality blog content in the media and marketing world. By continuing to raise the standard we will increase the relevance and effectiveness of the Aussie blogosphere.

Here, in no particular order, are the Top Ten nominations for The Moggy Awards:

Jonathan Crossfield – Linkbait at any Cost?

Daniel Oyston – Deeeer, It’s Red Bull You Idiot!

Matt Granfield – How to get the world’s attention without being remarkable…

Charis Palmer – Why bankers are wary of social media

Gavin Heaton – Where the hell is the sponsor?

Nic Hodges – Why aren’t we creating great digital work?

Julian Cole – Top 50 Australian Marketing Pioneer Blogs

Julian Cole – NAB Spamming: A story of a maverick blog personality

Bret Treasure – On Passion and Influence

Katie Chatfield – Take the frickin’ red pill

Congratulations to all 9 finalists and thanks to everyone who entered or nominated another post.

Thank you also to Kate and the team at Marketing Magazine for supporting The Moggy Awards and promoting it on their site.

So now it’s over to our judges to choose the winner. Mark Jones of Filtered Media, Mark Chenery (ex-Adnews) and Kate Kendall of Marketing Magazine will score each of the finalists out of 10 and send the scores to me for collating.

The winner will be announced next Monday 22 December.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of Web 2.0 conversation, feel free to make your opinions known about the finalists and who you think deserves to win.

15 Responses to “The Moggies Top Ten”

Oh shucks, thanks Craig! I’m looking forward to reading the other posts. Nice work.

Comment by Matt on December 15th, 2008

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Comment by Banks the popular target for Aussie marketing bloggers « mUmBRELLA on December 15th, 2008

Wow, some excellent posts up there. Congratulations guys!

Comment by Zac Martin on December 15th, 2008

As someone who has just started a blog late this year it’s good to see a list compiled of the benchmarks for the year. Congrats guys – I’m too much of a Marcia Hines to make a call on the winner.

Comment by Nathan Bush on December 15th, 2008

I agree with you Marcia, I mean Nathan, its a hard to call to pick the winner out of these ten finalists.

Comment by Media Hunter on December 15th, 2008

Wow – honoured to be held in such company.

As always when a particular post manages to catch the conversation as mine did at the time, the challenge then becomes trying to repeat it, which can be like trying to catch lightening in a bottle. For Julian to get two posts into the top ten illustrates that he has that ability to attract lightening like massive metal pylon so Julian I applaud you.

But to everyone, great job. I’ll be reading over the next few days and broadening my RSS feeds, I’m sure.

Comment by Kimota on December 15th, 2008

For me it’s Jonathon’s post by a country mile, and that’s not disrespecting any of the other entries. But you can’t ignore the global attention Jonathon’s post drew. And of course, a contribution from Matt Cutts doesn’t hurt.

Honourable mention to Julian for the Top 50 bloggers list, although I’d argue that’s the best linkbait campaign rather than an example of an outstanding individual post.

Comment by James Duthie on December 16th, 2008

I like Jonathan’s and Daniel’s posts a lot. Maybe Julian’s Top 50 post is linkbait, but it was still a mighty effort to compile the list and I think he made an impact by doing it. On the other hand, while Julian’s NAB spamming is funny and brave I don’t know if it tells us much, except that Julian is probably the next generation of The Chaser.

Glad I don’t have to pick the winner, but can’t wait to see who the winner is.

Comment by J Preston on December 16th, 2008

Well done on putting this list together, Craig – it’s an impressive selection.

It’s true I’m disappointed that tweets couldn’t be nominated – I was sure a velociroflcoptersaurus could have snuck in!

Big ups to all nominated though and keep up the good work.


Comment by Markus Hafner on December 16th, 2008

Wow, I am really chuffed to make the list. Surprised as well.

I got a lot of encouraging comments on my first ever post and a few push alongs from people like Julian Cole, Peter Wagstaff and Zac Martin. To think that I actually wrote my first post and sat on it for a fortnight before I had the guts to post it and show it to the world! Now I am hooked.

My only prob is that I am in Canberra and don’t get to regularly hang out with you guys at all the talked about beersphere’s and coffees … but watch out when I visit your cities in 2009.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed to my blog so far..

Comment by Daniel Oyston on December 16th, 2008

Thanks for the kind praise for my post – especially James as I am sure he remembers the fun that was had after this post hit the search marketing networks.

Daniel, your logos quiz is killing me. I am up to 12 but a couple are really stressing me out. Logos aren’t supposed to hurt!

When the announcement is made, I’ll be half a world away on my honeymoon (hence why I’m recycling old Xmas posts on my blog at the moment, but I’ll be sure to find a wi-fi connection and toast the winner.

Comment by Kimota on December 16th, 2008

Ah yes Jonathon. There’s nothing quite as entertaining as a Sphinn flame war!!

Comment by James Duthie on December 16th, 2008

What a great list! I cannot believe that I got two noms (nom nom nom). What a great group of bloggers! I am really excited that Daniel Oyston got up on this list too, there is some really good talent coming through at the moment and it is good to see that the quality can quickly rise to the top within blogging.

I have never been much of a writer, my writing skills according to my Year 12 english teacher are below average. So it is a real confidence booster for me to get on this list and I think it really demonstrates that blogging really is accessible to anyone and it is no longer just about the written word.

Comment by Julian Cole on December 18th, 2008

[...] [...]

Comment by Posts about Web 2.0 as of December 18, 2008 | The Lessnau Lounge on December 19th, 2008

Great list Craig. Some really great thinkers and people in there, so I’m honoured to be listed alongside them.
Nice surprise to log on from a dodgy internet cafe by the beach in Cambodia and see the traffic spike. ;)

Comment by Nic Hodges on December 19th, 2008

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