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The Moggies Top Ten

After being inundated with dozens of entries for the inaugural Moggy Awards for the best media and marketing blog post of 2008, I have managed to whittle down the entries to a Top Ten. This was no easy task due to the high quality of most entries. Some bloggers were nominated several times as well, so I had to make a judgement call on which was the best post to consider.

The two most nominated bloggers were Gavin Heaton and Julian Cole. In the end I went with a post for Gavin that I felt best represented his overall style and contribution.

Julian has two nominations in the Top Ten. I agonised over this because there were so many worthy entries, but these two posts were just too hard to ignore. His post announcing the Top 50 Australian Marketing blogs deserves recognition mainly for the initiative and effort that went into creating the list. Meanwhile his NAB Spamming video was such a gutsy example of the style Julian has brought to the Aussie blogosphere….it deserves its own category.

The Top Ten also showcases a variety of blogging styles, from straightforward written commentary, thoughtful questions, original video, third party video, and the always popular list. Some generated plenty of comment, others plenty of thought.

Once I finished the list I realised that 8 out of the 10 posts were written by men. I consequently reviewed all entries to see why the male skew and quickly realised that this fairly accurately reflects the male/female ratio in the nominations. I did have another female listed in the Top Ten until I realised she was American. Not sure how she slipped through the cracks. Shame because it a great blog.

Remember the main objective here is to promote and encourage quality blog content in the media and marketing world. By continuing to raise the standard we will increase the relevance and effectiveness of the Aussie blogosphere.

Here, in no particular order, are the Top Ten nominations for The Moggy Awards:

Jonathan Crossfield – Linkbait at any Cost?

Daniel Oyston – Deeeer, It’s Red Bull You Idiot!

Matt Granfield – How to get the world’s attention without being remarkable…

Charis Palmer – Why bankers are wary of social media

Gavin Heaton – Where the hell is the sponsor?

Nic Hodges – Why aren’t we creating great digital work?

Julian Cole – Top 50 Australian Marketing Pioneer Blogs

Julian Cole – NAB Spamming: A story of a maverick blog personality

Bret Treasure – On Passion and Influence

Katie Chatfield – Take the frickin’ red pill

Congratulations to all 9 finalists and thanks to everyone who entered or nominated another post.

Thank you also to Kate and the team at Marketing Magazine for supporting The Moggy Awards and promoting it on their site.

So now it’s over to our judges to choose the winner. Mark Jones of Filtered Media, Mark Chenery (ex-Adnews) and Kate Kendall of Marketing Magazine will score each of the finalists out of 10 and send the scores to me for collating.

The winner will be announced next Monday 22 December.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of Web 2.0 conversation, feel free to make your opinions known about the finalists and who you think deserves to win.