Sneak peak at John West "Fly Fishing Tackle" sequel. Can viral lightening strike twice? | Media Hunter

Sneak peek at John West “Fly Fishing Tackle” sequel. Can viral lightening strike twice?

Remember the classic John West salmon television commercial with the fisherman intercepting leaping fish from clutches of a hungry bear? The spot received 2.6 million views on YouTube when it first ran years ago and became a very successful campaign for the company. Here it is as a reminder.

Well now John West is returning to this happy hunting ground in the hope of repeating the success with a sequel. Starting Sunday 7 October, John West will launch a new TVC where the iconic John West fisherman is pitched against his long-standing nemesis, The Bear, and cast alongside a beautiful heroine for the first time.

We all know that “viral” success involves more luck than planning. The first commercial took off like a house on fire but is it possible to manufacture repeated success? The company is certainly giving this its best shot with high production values, cliffhanger endings and a Facebook page to follow the progress.

Will you be hooked or do you think its a it fishy?

Here is a sneek peak at the commercial, which clearly has several more installments in an evolving storyline.

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Written by Craig Wilson