Selling B2B? Meet the buyer

Achieving the right tone for your potential readers and buyers can be challenging when you are selling B2B.

Readers looking for high-authority content often skim past the content that’s not of interest. Conversely, more basic content will still be key to prospects who lack the understanding of your products or services. Meanwhile, writing high-end content all the time can put your product unnecessarily out of reach of their needs.

Do you understand your B2B buyer? This handy infographic by Acquity Group helps explain who they are and their online habits.


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Written by Craig Wilson

2 Responses to “Selling B2B? Meet the buyer”

I always hated the term “seasoned” – whether it applied to execs or “professionals”. But that aside, not a bad infographic ;)

Comment by Gavin Heaton on August 5th, 2013

I am the seasoned one referenced above or John the boomer. Anyway, great infographic with some very cool information. I just wish the print was a little bigger for us boomers. Great job here, Craig.

Comment by Steven J Fromm on September 22nd, 2013

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