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The Newcastle TV Ratings, week ending October 17

Note: These ratings results are compiled using the combined resources of SC TEN, NBN & Prime’s weekly AGB Nielsen Media Research reports.

This week let’s not even start with NBN and PRIME in their usual 1st (31.7%) and 2nd (25.1%) positions in the Ratings.

Lets look at 3rd and 4th. Who took it out this week? With only the average scores scraping 18% audience share.

ABC ruled the roost to beat SC TEN again this week. It has been an up & down struggle between these two channels of late, but ABC took it out. Mind you they both couldn’t pull the numbers to make the Top Ten Programs watched this week.

Interesting though, ABC, has always kept a consistent average viewing percentage over the years (oldie but a goodie). However, SC TEN this time last year was in the 20% range and continues to roll-a-coaster through the ratings this year.

What We Watched:

1 NBN Evening News Sunday NBN 107000

2 Packed To The Rafters PRIME 97000

3 NBN Evening News Monday to Friday NBN 88000

4 60 Minutes NBN 83000

5 20 to 1 NBN 81000

6 Seven’s V8 Supercars Round 10:Bathurst D3 The Race PRIME 75000

7 M – Wild Hogs PRIME 74000

8 Getaway NBN 73000

9 A Current Affair NBN 66000

10 20 to 1 Rpt NBN 65000

The Stations Ratings:         

          Week 42 2009 Week 42 2008 Prog 2009 Prog 2008
NBN             31.7                31.6              33.0             33.2
PRIME          25.1                23.5              20.3             24.4
TEN             18.3                20.4               20.3             18.7
ABC            18.9                18.2               18.2             17.1
SBS             6.1                  6.4                6.8               6.4

2 Responses to “Roll-A-Coaster TEN”

Do we know what percentage GO! is now adding onto NBN? It helps Nine each week gain extra 2% or so.

Wonder if the result is similar in Newcastle, or if it is lower or even higher – like in Adelaide where GO! regularly represents 5% of the shares.

Comment by Andrew B on October 20th, 2009

These figures are for the main stations only, not their spin-off digital brands like GO and ONEHD. Regional areas aren’t releasing ratings figures yet for the new digital channels.

Comment by Craig Wilson on October 20th, 2009

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