Online education myths and facts

The education sector is another example of an industry that is beginning to be interrupted by technology. In some cases this may be accelerated by the cost cutting of governments such as we have been seeing in NSW with TAFE courses recently being slashed.

The inevitable discussions have turned to online learning (and teaching) options. Online learning is still in the early stages of development and acceptance, however it also appears to be looming as a major growth industry.

The following infographic addresses some of the myths and facts around online learning.


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Written by Craig Wilson

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I completely agree with this. To achieve an online degree, one can be really persistent, has his time organized very well and he has to have a great will. For example, for me an online degree is something unimaginable, because I can`t force myself to learning, whereas in university, I am really productive. It depends on the mentality of a person.

Comment by Dominic Donald on October 16th, 2012

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