[Newcastle Radio] Survey 1, 2010. Big result for ABC

Newcastle radio survey 1, 2010

The first Newcastle radio survey of 2010 has been a very good one for the ABC but costly for the commercial broadcasters.

AM talk station ABC1233 increased their Monday to Sunday share by 1.2% to claim third place overall, dislodging 2HD. Aaron Kearney’s breakfast program had the biggest gain, moving to second place with a gain of 2.3%. ABC1233′s weekend results were similarly impressive as they became the Hunter’s favourite Saturday / Sunday station with a gain of 3.9%, leaping past both NXFM and KOFM.

ABC’s national youth network, Triple J also had a great survey with a 2.4% gain overall to take it in front of  NEWFM.

The survey wasn’t a good one for Newcastle’s 4 commercial stations.

KOFM dropped 0.2% overall but lost 2 points in the crucial breakfast slot, losing their #2 position along the way.

NXFM retained their #1 position overall but dropped 4.3% in doing so. Likewise the NX breakfast had a big drop of 4.3%. In fact, NX had big drops in every slot, which must be of concern to station management.

2HD continued its long slide but the biggest issue is their breakfast show. Luke Grant was controversially sacked as 2HD breakfast announcer late last year and his replacement Brent Bultitude has seen the show fall further in the ratings to now be a distant 4th. SIDENOTE: Luke Grant is now on air in Melbourne at MTR as part of the biggest radio re-launch of 2010.

Longtime struggler NEWFM was the only commercial station to actually see gains, rising 1.5% overall and 0.9% in Breakfast. This will be encouraging for the station but the fact remains they are still a very distant 6th in this market and have a long way to go until they are competitive.

Its been a strange survey and the question seems to be: why are the commercial stations falling while ABC rises?

Source: Newcastle Nielsen Media Research

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Written by Craig Wilson

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Music stations once were king (around the time of FM launching in Australia) and some AM stations converted to FM. Nowadays, though, most young people listen to the music of their choice via iPods and the like. “More Music” stations like the 2SM, 2NX and 3XY of the 1970′s would not work today. Music/Youth oriented stations need to have “personalities” such as Hamish and Andy and some humour and quality news service in order to succeed.
QUALITY talk stations such as 2GB, 3AW and the recently launched MTR attract strong, loyal listening audiences.
CHEAPLY RUN talk stations such as 2SM and 2HD are losing listeners as their formats are tired and they lack crisp programming.
1233 ABC Newcastle has gained most from 2HD’s most recent error (sacking Luke Grant). In addition, 1233 has some quality announcers and has a local focus in key shifts backed up by quality networked programs at night and overnight.
Personally, I feel the breakfast show is interrupted too much by AM and should run with Early AM from 5.30 am; Local Breakfast from 6.00 am to 8.30 am; AM from 8.30-9.00am; Mornings from 9.00 am -12.00 noon; The World Today from 12.00 -12.30 pm; Afternoons from 12.30-3.00pm; Drive from 3.00pm -6.00pm; PM at 6.00 and network programming thereafter. But conservative forces in the ABC would not allow that to happen.
Nonetheless 1233 ABC delivers quality radio to the Hunter and that is why it is doing so well.
Melbourne recently had 3MP relaunched as MTR (Melbourne Talk Radio. It would be good if John Singleton could gain control of a Newcastle broadcasting licence and launch NTR (Newcastle Talk Radio)because competition fosters ongoing quality and at this point in time 1233 is the only quality talk station in the Hunter.

Comment by John on April 27th, 2010

I disagree that “more music” stations do not work today. People want to know what music to download and we need good quality music stations to cut through the clutter and introduce us to new music. Hamish and Andy are terrific but their are plenty of personalities that do not rate. I agree that 2HD, NEW and the once mighty 2SM are now sad excuses for radio.

Comment by David on May 6th, 2010

As a longtime ABC listener of 60years + Iam really being turned off by 1233 program content. 1233′s choice of subject matter seems to be dull and uninteresting from a males perspective. They seem to have a narrow range of subjects to talk about E.I. Womens issues, Health,Education,some local govt issues etc etc.Fairly boring stuff. It takes me back to bad old days of Lee Lin Chin 1980′s afternoon radio all that weid boring music and dull repartee.I think that 1233 should take a lesson from their sister station 702 Sydney with the likes of James Valentine and Richard Glover in the afternoons now THATS informative and entertaining radio While I am also having this rant I am of the opinion that the recent rise in 1233′s breakfast slot ratings was more to do with 2HDs poor performance than 1233′s because nothing has changed there over the last 12 months.
1233 you are just too provicial for a city such as Newcastle LIGHTEN UP.

Comment by john on May 27th, 2010

[...] has only been on air for one radio survey in the Breakfast slot, falling to 4th place behind ABC1233. Word is that he walked out last [...]

Comment by Brent Bultitude resigns from radio 2HD | Media Hunter on June 3rd, 2010

How many people comprise the official Hunter radio listening audience? If SRN has withdrawn from the Sydney ratings market why include itself in Hunter surveys? And because radio markets from Sydney through to Brisbane and beyond overlap – aren’t the SRN figures highly unreliable?

Comment by Cathy on July 30th, 2010

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