NBN Television, Australia’s Highest Rating Television Station

NBN has ended the 2008 official survey year with a 31.7% share across Northern NSW and the Gold Coast, Australia’s fourth largest television market.

The PBL Media owned station dominated the region with its 6pm – Midnight audience share of 31.7% , 7.0 points above Prime’s 24.7% and 10.5 points above Ten’s 21.2%.

In the core demographic, viewers aged 25-54, a solid 31.7% share was 1.4 points up for NBN on last year whilst Primes 24.9% was down 2.5 points year on year Southern Cross Ten finished with a 24.1% in this demographic.

Over three quarters of ALL survey days, and EVERY week of the 2008 survey year*, were won by NBN, showing a remarkable and continued dominance across the region.

NBN won all of the TOP 10 programs for 2008 and 19 of the TOP 20, with the State of Origin 3rd Match in 1st position attracting a massive 431,000 viewers. A combination of NBN News, Current Affairs programs, Australian Drama, Lifestyle and NRL Special Events dominated the remaining positions reflecting NBN’s broad appeal and success.

NBN’s CEO Ms Deborah Wright says, “Our fantastic results for 2008 are testament to the combination of high quality programming and our continued commitment to our flagship Number One Local News. We have increased our audience share year on year in key advertising demographics with unquestionable audience resurgence. To claim the title of Australia’s Highest Rating Television Station this year once again reinforces that NBN is the viewers’ choice for programming day in day out and benchmarks us as the leading station in Australia. This year’s results is a reflection of the absolute dedication and commitment the entire NBN team has in providing our viewers and advertisers with the Number One television service in Australia”.

NBN’s Head of Programming and Publicity, Kellie Hampton, is thrilled with NBN’s results, “In 2009 we are focused on continuing to deliver our viewers audience powerhouses such as local productions Underbelly, Farmer Wants a Wife and Domestic Blitz complemented by our most successful mix of top rating regular programs and exciting new overseas and local content”.

A slate of new programs and returning favourites specifically targeting key demographics will mean continued success in 2009. These programs include Underbelly, A Tale of Two Cities, Home Run (the renovation makeover show with a difference), all new series Domestic Blitz, The Mentalist, The Farmer Wants a Wife and the ever popular CSI. There will be an exciting mix of more programs still to be announced.

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Well I am proudly not one of the 31.7% then. I stopped watching NBN when I returned to Newcastle after being on the road for seven years. I just couldn’t handle the lack of original programming. Give me ABC, SBS and Seven (Prime) any day of the week over NBN and when they don’t fly there is always the good old faithful Wii.

BTW great job on the #wearelistening hash last week.

Comment by Mark Freund on December 8th, 2008

So what. Like many others, I too have come to the conclusion I no longer need NBN trash served up as “news items” morning, noon and night. Your live shows are nothing more than advertisements about other NBN shows. I don’t watch news or current affairs to learn when “Underbelly” or some other such program will be screening. Even the cricket commentators are doing it; promoting your trash shows. And who cares what Richard who-ever and his mates are doing in Hollywood. Hello! This is Australia. It may surprise you but your so called TV personalities are not the centre of the universe; neither do they constitute news. You have raised self adulation to an artform. I’ll find something more constructive to do with my time. Maybe read a book.

Comment by Brian Mackney on February 16th, 2009

I was watching the royal wedding on your channel just now. I noticed that the vision started moving their lips before I heard the words on my TV. I changed the channels to Prime and Channel 10. I noticed that the words coincided with the images. I changed over to Prime TV and the problem disappeared. Please update your equipment to keep up with the technology that the other channels use. You are so outdated and a bunch of losers.

Comment by gary white on April 29th, 2011

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