Is 3D going to be the future of advertising? [Comments needed]

Next month I am going to be a panelist at the 5th Annual Australasian Media & Broadcasting Congress in Sydney as media leaders discuss the industry and its future directions and I really need your help.

Is 3D the future of advertising?

Is 3D the future of advertising?

One panel I am really looking forward to is titled The Future of Advertising. I’ll be discussing the big issues with Adam Good from Clemenger, Paddy Douneen from BMF, Marty O’Halloran from DDB Australia & New Zealand, John Sintras from Starcom Worldwide, Matt Whittingham from SingTel Optus and Paul Fisher from IAB Australia.

The initial question coming my way is based on a statement by Oscar-winning producer Jon Landau at the Cannes International Advertising Festival:

“3D is going to be the future of advertising”

Now I have been rather unexcited by the whole 3D thing and have my own opinions about it, but maybe I am way off base. So I’d really like to know what you think. Is 3D going to be the future of advertising? Is it just a fad, hyped by a desperate industry or is it groundbreaking technology that is going to make us love TV all over again and lap up the exciting advertisements that will be leaping off the screen?

I’d love to hear from people within the media and advertising industries. I’d also appreciate feedback from people who have invested in 3D televisions to understand their experiences so far.

All feedback is very welcome. I will compile the answers as part of my response to what I hope becomes a very lively debate at the Media & Broadcasting Congress.

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Written by Craig Wilson

8 Responses to “Is 3D going to be the future of advertising? [Comments needed]”

in short: No.

Not until hey get rid of those glasses.

At best it will be a part, like radio was after print, and tv after that and the www after that.

It’s not even a medium, just a portion of one. or two.

Comment by joe on June 30th, 2010

Craig – I am not in advertising, so this is a non-industry comment….

To enjoy 3D, there is a ‘degree of difficulty’ involved in wearing glasses. People will enjoy that novel experience when they go to see a movie, and I believe it generates additional income for cinema owners. However, I think the advertising industry needs to realise that it is an additional tool in their toolbox, and 3D should be used when appropriate.

They have other tools which are also used on occasion, but they haven’t rewritten the industry. eg. scratch’n'sniff perfumes in women’s mags; sealed sections in journals; DVDs issued for free (travel industry)

Bottomline: 3D is just another tool

Cheers, Robert

Comment by Robert Watson on June 30th, 2010

3D television at this point is an expensive distraction. I agree with Joe, if they don’t get rid of the glasses it’s just going to be a fad at best. Now hologam TV would be something else. Otherwise it’s very much back to the future.

The TV industry in Australia needs to concentrate its efforts on getting their digital offerings up to scratch. Can’t believe last week, SBS1,SBS2, SBS3 and SBS4 all showing soccer matches! What’s the point?

Comment by Michael Jones on June 30th, 2010

I can’t say I am that excited about 3D.

Comment by Simone on June 30th, 2010

Another question that needs answering.

What about the people that already wear glasses? how are they meant to watch 3D TV.

People with glasses are wearing them for a reason (blurry vision) 3D glasses will give them headaches.

The Future of Advertising isn’t on TV anyway, internet is where the future is.

Comment by Ryan Callaghan on July 1st, 2010

A quick Google search reveals that 3D TV without the glasses is just around the corner. But I do partially agree with MediaHunter in that the internet is the future but I think think the next generation of primary home entertainment will be glassesless 3D TV’s which facilitate Free to air TV, Pay TV and streaming internet channels.

Comment by Go Knights on July 1st, 2010

Go Knights,

The future is what ever we make of it and the technology that is used, I still think full HD is better than 3D.

But when it comes to Advertising and TV – The question is how many people sit and actually watch the ads if they have the choice not too ?

Comment by Ryan Callaghan on July 1st, 2010

I feel theres a future, if you can find the right angle. Use stereo 3D with augmented reality, motion/facial detection and clever product placement. Eventually this sort of thing could move beyond novelty and into norm, like the whole colour printing thing, or colour television revolution.

Comment by Johno on July 7th, 2010

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