How Austin – home to SXSW – stays vibrant with tech and innovation

A growing theme on this blog has been about how to grow a smart and innovative city. Its something we’ve been tackling here in Newcastle as we evolve from our old industrial base to something more vibrant and sustainable.

One model we’ve been looking at is Austin, Texas. Over the last decade Austin was the 3rd fastest growing city in the USA, booming to its current population of 790,000.

Its no coincidence that Austin is home to the famous SXSW festival, part of which is one of the biggest tech industry events in the world. This has led to Austin becoming home to around 3900 tech companies employing over 100,000 people.

Here is a 30 second video from Susan Davenport, senior vice president of the Austin Chamber of Commerce explaining how technology and innovation have helped build a great city.

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Written by Craig Wilson

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[...] like Austin in Texas have over 1/8 of the population working at the 3900 tech companies in the area (more info here). Newcastle could attract a similar tech community to enjoy our amazing beaches, relaxed lifestyle [...]

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