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Flash in the iPad

How does your website look on an iPad?

How does your website look on an iPad?

Here’s a little test to do when considering an agency for your digital marketing.

Grab an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone and enter the agency’s URL in the browser. If the agency understands web marketing then their website will display seamlessly.

Unfortunately many agency websites will not display seamlessly, in fact they may not display at all. That’s because they have built their websites in Flash and Apple products are not Flash enabled.

We tested a bunch of agency sites on our new iPad yesterday and the results were alarming. Here in Newcastle 4 of the leading agency websites couldn’t be viewed at all while another 2 had serious formatting issues.

Looking at 15 of the leading Australian digital agencies (as ranked by B&T Magazine in 2009) the results were just as concerning. Four sites couldn’t be viewed at all, four had formatting issues which meant they could be partially viewed and navigated, while 7 worked well on the iPad.

Flash was not created to build websites on, yet for years designers, and especially agencies have relied on Flash. Its useless for search too, which means that sites built on Flash are missing substantial traffic opportunities through organic search listings.

Now as the web goes increasingly mobile, especially with the boom in Apple products, Flash is no longer acceptable (if it ever was) for good web design.

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Written by Craig Wilson