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Do not read this book: The Dentsu Way

The Dentsu Way

…unless you want to learn some extremely innovative ways to reinvent your marketing.

Dentsu is a Japanese advertising agency that has become one of the largest and most successful in the world. That in itself was news to me. But what was more interesting is how Dentsu have pioneered fascinating cross-communication strategies that resonate strongly in the fragmenting world of modern media and digital ubiquity.It’s all been revealed in a new book called The Dentsu Way by Kotaro Sugyama and Tim Andree.

What got my attention in The Dentsu Way is how this agency doesn’t follow the old reach and frequency, interruption model of advertising, but aims to draw consumers out on their own accord. They try to deliver information with which consumers want to be come involved. It has a lot of similarities with inbound marketing in that regard.

My headline “Do not read this book” is a nod to a famous campaign Dentsu did for a manga publication where their late night TV ads pleaded with viewers not to search for the new title on the internet. Of course everyone then did search and slowly a cat and mouse game played out rewarding those who dug deepest. These fans then spread the word and the buzz and subsequent sales went crazy.

The core of the book explains Dentsu’s Cross-Communication theory and then shows case studies and how you can design your own Cross-Switch strategy. It balances creativity with a data-intensive approach, something that once again should appeal to modern digital agencies.

The Dentsu Way really is a fascinating read and makes a good argument for the merging of traditional advertising agencies with digital (as opposed to the current either or approach) so that a truly integrated approach can run through a campaign.

So whatever you do, don’t buy this book…..I’d rather keep these ideas for myself.