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6 highly recommended reads from last few weeks

I try to update this as regularly as possible, but when there’s so much good stuff being published online its difficult to keep up. Anyway here are some top posts I have noticed recently (notice how the big guns keep pumping out great content):

5 reasons to use the new Twitter lists feature by John Jantsch

Making content pay by the ever-reliable Neil Perkin

Six social media trends for 2010 by David Armano

Where measurement falls short by Amber Naslund

For the future of the media industry, look in the app store by Edo Segal

The rapid evolution of search by Brian Solis


This week’s recommended reading 16 Oct 09

Each week my Google reader is flooded with quality posts form around the world. Here’s a few that really stood out:

The Unspoken Role in Community Management by Amber Naslund

Mobile Ad Revenues to Top $4 Billion in 2015 from Techcrunch

Understanding how your customers use search will show you how to reach them in Anthill

Start-up Metrics that Matter from Carsonified (video)

The “R” in Social Media Revolution stands for “Rubbish” by the mercurial Julian Cole


Recommended reading 8 Oct 2009

There’s so much good material in the blogosphere, it can be hard to keep up with it all. Here’s some of the best that I’ve spotted in the last week or so, including two excellent (long) videos:

9 Ways to Take Your Site from One to One Million Users by Kevin Rose on the Carsonified blog.

Building books that sell in the digital age by Seth Godin (yeah I know, he doesn’t really need the link love but its a great video)

Say NO to squeezing your buyers by David Meerman Scott on his Web Ink Now site

Revealing Google’s stealth social network play by Jeremiah Owyang and Charlene Li

Australian brand sites losing to the social web by Ian Lyons

All highly recommended. Enjoy

Who still thinks social media is a fad?

Whenever you meet social media sceptics you can use some of these stats and the following video to help explain whats going on here:

Facebook currently has over 250 million users. 120 million users log onto Facebook at least once each day. 30 million users currently access Facebook through their mobile devices. In fact, people that use Facebook via their mobile devices are almost 50% more active on the social network than non-mobile users.

Social Networks are for Kids?

45 – 54 year olds are the top demographic on Twitter (according to the April 2009 comScore). 25 – 34 year olds follow closely behind at second.

There are over 200,000,000 blogs. 54% of bloggers post new content or tweet daily.


Writing this blog started as a tentative step into social media over two years ago. The initial site content was very localised and had narrow appeal. It soon evolved to look at Australian, then international media and marketing issues. As I have delved deeper into digital media, the site has come to reflect those interests too.

What started as a bit of a hobby has become an important part of my business and social media life. I spend a lot of time looking for relevant information that hopefully will appeal to visitors and am constantly thinking about my next post.

And its been worth every minute because I have learned so much from managing this blog. Ideas developed here go into my business and help my customers later on.

So its rewarding to discover that something that I spend so much time on is appreciated.

Invesp Consulting in the USA have compiled a list of the world’s top 100 advertising blogs and I’m proud to say that Media Hunter is on the list at 95th. Its also ranked 60th for the number of pages indexed by Google, and 44th for Alexa traffic, which shows that its a pretty busy little site.

BUT the most satisfying result in these rankings was that Media Hunter is ranked 2nd in Advertising world for the number of pages per visit. Apparently the average visitor to this blog goes to 6.7 pages each visit.

Wow! Its great to know that people don’t mind reading this stuff and are keen to read more.

Thank you for investing your time in visiting Media Hunter, it makes it all worthwhile.

6 Lessons From best job in the world campaign

Respected blogger and author Rohit Bhargava has written a great piece summing up the success of the Best Job in the World campaign run by Queensland Tourism.

The campaign cleaned up at Cannes Advertising Festival, taking home an unprecedented 3 categories. Rohit says, “a big part of the reason for the amazing success of this campaign was not what they were marketing, but how they used social media to do it.”

Here are the six lessons Rohit identified from the Best Job in the World Campaign:

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Hey Harto, embrace this: A plan for online press

Last week Australian News Ltd supremo John Hartigan stirred up every media blogger in the Southern Hemisphere with a speech to the National Press Club. Hartigan took a swipe at bloggers as well as new media sites like Mumbrella and Crikey.

He also toed the company line that we will all be happily paying for news online soon due to the quality of the journalism (which was no doubt aided by the typo in his own paper).

Naturally the blogosphere were up in arms and Mumbrella received a gazillion comments helpfully pointing out that Harto had missed the point and, as @NickHaC so eloquently put it, “you will miss us when we are gone has never been a compelling business model”.

Anyway it occurred to me that this whole episode highlights both the shortcomings and potential solution to the online press predicament. Hartigan is seemingly trying to alienate the blogosphere yet generated substantial links and coverage online with his spray. Why not use the blogosphere (and Twitterverse) to your advantage?

Embrace the blogosphere!

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AgeAge Power 150 list gets a revamp

The Power 150, a ranking of the world’s best English-language marketing industry blogs, has had a revamp. Originally created by Todd Andrick, The Power 150 has now grown to rate almost 1000 blogsites. The new measurement criteria has stirred up the results with some significant changes occurring. These will now be updated on a daily basis.

Australia has 34 sites ranked on the Power 150:

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Life is beautiful

This has nothing to do with media except to demonstrate how well the internet can be used to spread a message. Plus I just like this clip from Stephen Niebauer which I came across on the Only Dead Fish blog.

Watch it, tell your friends, enjoy:

Life is Beautiful from Stephen Niebauer on Vimeo.