Australia’s Top Media & Marketing Blogs (according to AdAge)

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A few years back Advertising Age in the USA launched the Power 150 international ranking of media and marketing blogs. It caused quite a fuss. I thought it would be worthwhile revisiting the Power 150 to see how much has changed. There have been a lot of commercial entries in the last few year compared to the pure blogs that first appeared.

Here is the latest list of Australia’s Top Media & Marketing Blogs according to AdAge Magazine. The rankings take into account a range of factors, some more US-centric, but it gives an good indication of which sites are making an impact. Check them out and support Australian bloggers.

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Blogvertising, will relevance make online ads more effective?

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This blogsite has never existed as a money spinner. Sure, I sometimes promote the activities of my various businesses and that can be beneficial, but I have never tried or expected to make a dollar from publishing blog posts.

I’m also a big advocate of inbound marketing and tend to believe the rather funny recent study that found its more likely your will survive a plane crash or win the lottery than click a banner ad. That’s because we don’t go to our favourite websites to look at ads, we go for what that site offers; information, advice, entertainment etc. And its very rare that we are actually served up advertisements that are relevant to us.

Advertisements are pointless and annoying unless they are actually relevant and of service to readers. So that’s why I haven’t included any ads on Media Hunter or even on Urban Insider….until now.

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Calling all Newcastle bloggers & social media freaks

The social media community is fairly vibrant and well-established in the Newcastle area now. I think its about time to highlight the great writers, photographers, sights, scenes and ideas floating around the region and put them all in one easy place for everyone to find.

This photo is here for no other reason than its of a Newcastle beach

My team and I are putting together a side project to curate the best Hunter-based content.

That’s where you come in. We’re looking for people who’d like to contribute to a well-run online magazine for Newcastle and the Hunter. Its a chance for you to raise your profile, discuss burning issues, highlight the things you love and get some additional traffic and link-love along the way.

It’s a little bit Huffington Post (without heavy politics), a little bit Daily Candy, a little bit Digital Ministry (community contribution, not the geeky content), a little bit Gridskipper.

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Measuring influence

I just learned that Mediahunter is ranked as one of the Top 150 Social Media Blogs in the World according to eCairn. Apparently this site is ranked 98th based on their formula of measuring various links:

  • differentiating blogroll versus direct links,
  • weighting the links based on the influence of the «source»,
  • weighting more reciprocical links,
  • counting links at blog or post level.

eCairn say, “The list is subjective and brought few questions and surprises – btw influence is subjective. It’s actually the list of influential bloggers in the social media marketing community more than a list of social media marketing blogs.”

That’s the interesting thing about online compared to other areas of influence. In most cases influence is hard to measure and opinions often come into play. But links are the major currency online. They determine your Google PageRank and a large percentage of your traffic. Links are a vote for your site, and hence a relevant measure of influence.

Quite rightly, the leading bloggers on this list are the heavyweights of industry. Chris Brogan, Jeramiah Owyang, Brian Solis, Seth Godin and David Armano are all there. These are people I read every week so its not surprise to see them there.

Australia has surprisingly fewer names on this list than I would have expected. Gavin Heaton is our highest ranked blogger here, and once again that’s no surprise to me. I read Gavin’s blog a few times a week and link to it often, as do many others obviously.

But there is once common denominator amongst these top bloggers (that doesn’t include me) – these guys all produce great, thought provoking content week-in, week-out. Their influence might be measured by links, but its created by sheer quality.

These guys understand modern marketing

I just had lunch at a popular Newcastle cafe that could seriously teach many larger businesses a thing or two about modern marketing.

Three Bean Espresso

Three Bean Espresso

Three Bean Espresso in Hamilton has been pumping out great food and coffee for about five years now, but returning there today for the first time in over 6 months I was impressed at some of the other initiatives Ben Armstrong and his team have undertaken.

Ben now has two blogs for the cafe. The main one includes menu items and the usual information, but it is led by an entertaining and informative series of posts about food, ingredients, suppliers and good living. Its wonderful story telling that even Servant of Chaos would be proud of. The site is simple and clean just like the cafe and makes you want to eat lots of delicious food.

The key here is that Ben isn’t trying to sell, he’s engaging visitors in an ongoing conversation about good food. Your salivating tastebuds will do the rest.

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Media Hunter – now an iPhone app too

Media Hunter iPhone app

Media Hunter is now an iPhone app

We’ve been experimenting with iPhone apps a bit lately here at Sticky. Last week we launched GetSticky as an iPhone app and now the Media Hunter version is live too. Its all thanks to the guys at MotherApp.

Once again, its not earth-shatteringly amazing, its just another way to follow this blog and a fun experiment for us in the emerging world of apps. We do this so we can explore how they might be able to work for our clients in the future. And with the imminent release of the iSlate / iTablet we think the apps market is going to explode.

If you’d like to you can download the app here:

All reviews and downloads will be greatly appreciated.


I’m raising money for seriously ill children & need your help

Tour de Kids riders in 2009

Last year's Tour de Kids riders

In early March I will be riding in the Tour de Kids, an annual cycling challenge raising vital funds for a variety of children’s charities. My charity for this event is the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Starlight are dedicated to granting a once in a lifetime, life changing experience to wish children who are referred by qualified health professionals. Starlight’s aim is to create long lasting memories for the wish child and their entire family.

Sadly Starlight has had to cut down on the amount of wishes granted throughout Australia because of funding. I’m hoping that we can turn this around and help Starlight grant the wishes of serious ill children all over the country by donating to Tour De Kids for 2010.

The fundraising target I have been set is $1000 but I’d love to show the corporate community how bloggers and social media types (i.e. you) have the ability to band together for a good cause…how the long tail of an online community can collectively achieve great results.

Every dollar can help, so your contribution – large or small –  to my fundraising efforts will be enormously appreciated.

You can donate here on my Tour de Kids Page.

I will be riding on behalf of one of the event’s major sponsors, Colliers International and will be covering the event for them online via a dedicated blogsite and Twitter (links coming soon) so everyone can see the action and follow the ride.

The event is fairly demanding with an average distance of 150km per day and some hilly terrain. The second last day from Canberra to Bowral is around 190km, so I’ll be suffering plenty but knowing that its all for a great cause and worth every bit of it.

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Can the blogosphere topple a government? Lets find out.

The Internet, Twitter especially, exploded with indignation today when the Australian government announced it will proceed with controversial plans to censor the Internet.

The Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, said today he would introduce legislation just before next year’s elections to force ISPs to block a blacklist of “refused classification” (RC) websites for all Australian internet users.

While the Australian government may be proposing an Internet filter with the best intentions of protecting the youth of our nation against “immoral content”, most experts agree that this is easier said than done and could do more harm than good.

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New battles in 2010

Writing this blog has been an amazingly informative experience for me. What began as a small site dedicated to the media in and around the Hunter Valley (hence the actual reason for the name Media Hunter) quickly grew to tackle national media issues. Then, as the media landscape began changing rapidly with the convergence of digital technologies, I began musing on the implications for traditional media and marketing organisations.

Researching and writing Media Hunter helped me tap into a realisation that we are experiencing one of those rare revolutionary periods in history. Old powers are falling, new technologies are rising. And the changing media landscape has become one of the most important battle grounds of the 21st Century.

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