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Book review: The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing

The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing: How to Attract and Retain Customers and Grow the Bottom Line in the Globally Connected WorldMarketing Books)

Increasingly marketers are having to accept that social media is here to stay and that they will need to learn how to adapt and thrive to the era of social media marketing. There have been a few very good books published in the last year or so that successfully introduce and explain how modern marketers can compete in an increasingly social world. Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s 2010 best-selling Trust Agents is one and now a new book has arrived that is equally worth reading: The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing.

Written by experience US marketers Beverly Macy and Teri Thompson, The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing explains how to take advantage of today’s fluid business environment and develop innovative way to meet market demands.

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Social Media Case Study: ANZ Febusave

During February 2010, more than 9,200 participants joined ‘FebuSave’, a month-long national savings campaign created by ANZ to encourage Australian women to develop a regular savings habit. It was part of an innovative social media campaign that delivered some impressive results.

Client: ANZ Customer Segmentation
Campaign: FebuSave
Time Period: Mid December 2009 – Mid March 2010

ANZ launched a new nationwide campaign to encourage women to develop a regular savings habit following research that found 53% of women do not save money on a regular basis.

Research commissioned by ANZ into the savings habits of women found:
• One in five women surveyed said they typically spend all their pay packet or regularly dip into their savings for basic living expenses.
• More than half (58%) have less than $5,000 in savings and 33% less than $1,000.
• 51% of women would last less than three months on their current savings if they lost their job and still had to pay their usual bills.

In an effort to raise awareness of these issues in the community and encourage Australian women to set financial goals and take action towards achieving them, ANZ created ‘FebuSave’ – a month-long savings initiative that ran from 1st to 28th February 2010.

At the end of the month, FebuSave participants reported back on how they performed against their savings goal, with three ‘FebuSave’ participants being rewarded with $5,000 in an ANZ savings account of their choice.

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NBN Television, Australia’s Highest Rating Television Station

NBN has ended the 2008 official survey year with a 31.7% share across Northern NSW and the Gold Coast, Australia’s fourth largest television market.

The PBL Media owned station dominated the region with its 6pm – Midnight audience share of 31.7% , 7.0 points above Prime’s 24.7% and 10.5 points above Ten’s 21.2%.

In the core demographic, viewers aged 25-54, a solid 31.7% share was 1.4 points up for NBN on last year whilst Primes 24.9% was down 2.5 points year on year Southern Cross Ten finished with a 24.1% in this demographic.

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Social Media Success Stories – Zappos
14Oct08 is an online shoe retailer that has taken the internet by storm. Mixing e-commerce with outrageously good service, Zappos have grown to become the world’s biggest online shoe store.

Based in Henderson, Nevada, USA, the company warehouse is located in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, along with an outlet store. In addition, Zappos has two outlets stores in Las Vegas, Nevada and Henderson, Nevada.

Founded in 1999, Zappos did “almost nothing” in sales for 1999, but grossed over $800 million in merchandise sales in 2007, and is projecting over $1 billion in 2008.

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Social Media Success Stories: Amnesty International Australia

In the lead up to the Beijing Olympics Amnesty International Australia embarked upon a successful social media campaign. Fi Bendall, one of the campaign architects explains how it worked.

Campaign: Chinese Internet Censorship

Agencies: Care Network, Bendalls Group, dgmAustralia

The Challenge:

Amnesty International set the challenge of how they could leverage social media to create a debate confronting issues around Internet Censorship in China, which would educate and engage online communities.

There were hard metrics set in terms of benchmarks, volume of conversations that would demonstrate share of voice and share of mind. Further benchmarks included the number of content pieces published and number of resultant actions, such as signing up to the Amnesty International Chinese Internet Facebook cause, driving traffic to the campaign web-site, joining the online Day of Protest and attending the Tear Down The Great Firewall of China protest in Martin Place, Sydney.

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Social Media Success Stories: Young and Free Alberta

A small credit union in provincial Canada has embraced social media with stunning results by relating 2087800086_a00b7d189c
directly to a desired market in an open and friendly manner.

Common Wealth Credit Union in Alberta launched the Young and Free Alberta initiative 12 months ago, searching for a spokesperson for their Under 25’s fee free chequing account. The winning candidate was the bright and bubbly Larissa Walkiw who then proceeded the immerse herself, and the Young and Free campaign, in social media.

The execution has been sensational and the response very impressive. In an industry that desperately seeks to attract customers at a young age (remember the piggy banks and school accounts in Australia anyone?) so they can try and keep them for life, the Young and Free Alberta initiative has been remarkable.

For me some of the key observations are that the company has someone totally dedicated to being the voice and face of the campaign. Its not just a token online effort, Larissa is also actively attending events and communicating the Young and Free message at numerous venues and forums.

I recently interviewed Larissa as part of the Social Media Success Stories series. You can also read interviews with Tim Jackson from Masi Cycles and Bryan Inch from RaboPlus.

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Social Media Success Stories: Bryan Inch, RaboPlus

Banking is one of the most conservative industries imaginable. The somber pinstripe suits of the finance world have traditionally been reluctant to engage consumers in non-traditional ways, usually sticking to tried and true advertising approaches that rarely make an impact.

Banking is also the last place you would expect to find a General Manager with a social media marketing agenda. Or is it?

Dutch banking giant Rabobank has been in Australia since 1990. In 2007 they launched RaboPlus as a new online banking service. RaboPlus operates exclusively online with no retail outlets or phone banking, with customers accessing and managing their accounts, and buying and selling managed funds, using the RaboPlus self-directed online platform.


Bryan Inch, GM of RaboPlus in Australia, has adopted a social media approach as part of the overall marketing and communications strategy for business. At this stage the strategy is built mainly around blogging from the RaboPlus corporate site and tailored newsletter, but it is encouraging to see the big end of town beginning to embrace a more open and conversational approach.

I recently interviewed Bryan for the Social Media Success Stories series. You can also read Interview 1 with Tim Jackson of Masi Bicyles here:

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Social Media Success Stories: Tim Jackson, Masi Bicycles


Social media has grown from a fringe curiosity to a slightly left-of-center marketing tool in just a few short
years. It seems now to be only a matter of time before social media techniques and philosophy penetrate the mainstream. 

In what is, hopefully, a long series covering Social Media Success Stories I intend to introduce you to the early pioneers who have adopted social media and translated it into greater success.

I have started by interviewing someone who has taken on a conservative old industry with a small niche brand and a great social media approach: Tim Jackson aka Masi Guy from Masi Bicycles USA.

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