Newcastle TV Ratings | Media Hunter - Part 4

Where did all the Newcastle viewers go?

The Newcastle Ratings Week 20, week ending 16 May 2009

 Only one program in Newcastle achieved an audience greater than 100,000 last week while the rest of the top 10 programs ranged between 84,000 and 63, 000 viewers. Those sort of numbers don’t normally represent Top 10 programs outside of summer non-ratings periods.

Two weeks ago the 10th highest rating program in Newcastle had 74,000 viewers. Likewise, this time last year saw an average of 10,000 more viewers watching the top 10 free-to-air programs. So where did all the viewers disappear to last week?

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Logies..Who’s That?

Newcastle Ratings Week 19 2009

For the Newcastle ratings last week it was a killer. NBN beating runner up Prime by pretty much a 10. point lead. It must be something about this time of year, as the results were similar last year.
As for the most watched programs, Underbelly for its finally week, got to go out with one more bang as leader of the programs watched. Now that the footy season is in full swing, its not surprising we are seeing NBN’s Friday Night Football back up on the most watched chart, being one of NBN’s high raters when in season. I was surprised to see the Logies didn’t even make it on the leader board, although on the other hand, the red carpet was probably the only part being viewed by most females out there.
Read on for some interesting Newcastle Ratings and Top 10’s for last week:

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Back to Business

The Newcastle Ratings, week ending April 25

Back to rating. Our local stations broke for the Easter holidays and now we are back in business. NBN is still embarrassingly smashing its competition, are you surprised?
It seems over our Easter break we got so used to re-runs, that we started switching over to more of what is going on in the world and more importantly, our town. Beating Underbelly for the first time since it started airing all those weeks ago, is the local NBN Sunday News. In fact, if it wasn’t for Primes ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ and ABC’s new program ‘The Gruen Transfer’, NBN filled every other top ten position on the most watched programs for last week. Check out the latest figures to compare who have gone up since last year or last week and who have gone down:

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Newcastle TV ratings week ending 4 April 2009

As we enter the first ratings recess of 2009, it seems that NBN and the ABC are the big overall winners in the Newcastle region. NBN has had a solid start to the year and are currently 2 points better than their progressive ratings totals last year. Likewise ABC have lifted 1.3 points so far this year against their 2008 performance.

On the other hand, total audience ratings for Prime down and Southern Cross TEN has maintained similar figures. Prime have dropped 4.1 points on their progressive ratings against last year, while SC TEN are returning almost identical figures to 2008.

Of course the overall ratings figures don’t tell the full story of how the stations are performing with various demographics, but NBN would be very pleased with the current results.

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Déjà Vu Ratings

Newcastle TV ratings week 12, 2009

Last week we discussed that it was all about NBN. We’ll deja vu again Newcastle, NBN is not going no where, in fact if it’s going anywhere it’s going up – the ratings that is. NBN is clearing the board again with 8 out 10 ‘Most Watched Programs’ on the leader board and on ‘The Ratings’, almost 10 killing points ahead of Prime, with a 9.8 lead.

Read on for more details:

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NBN – “Newcastle’s Basic Need”

Newcastle TV ratings week 12, 2009

Would you call it ‘Needs NBN’ or ‘Lives NBN’… Newcastle goes Nuts over NBN?
Which one would you rather read it off? The ‘Ratings’ itself or the ‘Most Watched Programs’ list?
Where ever you choose, once again you will see NBN at the top. Top of the ratings and all over the top ten shows the Hunter watched for last week. NBN had the top 10 list filled with 8 of its programs. The only other programs to make a glimpse on the list was good old ABC with Spicks and Specs and just making the cut, Find My Family for Prime. What is going on? What is NBN doing that the other stations seem to not be?
NBN stands for “Newcastle’s Basic Need”. Have a look for yourself:

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“Crime Rates”

Newcastle TV ratings week 11, 2009

They try and sell to us in this economic crisis to stay in and save by watching more TV. According to last weeks ratings, what Newcastle did was stay in and watch anything to do with crime. It seems the Hunter is a little obsessed with crime on our local streets or frankly on anyone’s streets. In the most watched programs leader board for last week, lists the first top 7 shows as crime related. As for cute little distressed animals, farmers falling in love and families finding each other…well it seems we were not that interested last week.

As for the numbers game for the ratings… well I just don’t get it. Take the ratings nationally, Seven is kicking Nine’s hiney. Although in Newcastle, Prime has absolutely no chance of even sneaking a peak at the number one prize?? How odd..

Read on to see the full results:

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50/50 or can I Phone a Real Friend…

Newcastle TV ratings week 9, 2009

If you were to only look at the most watched programs in the Hunter for last week, you would make the following judgements: NBN and Prime are head to head at 50% on the leader board. Prime is really catching up. As for the reality of that tale, when you look at the ratings figures, this is a different story, why?
Reality! that’s is exactly right. Newcastle loves its reality shows. Apart from again the leader of the week, Underbelly2 (although technically this is based on true events) and Pack To The Rafters (which is set around the reality of today’s family), the 10 most watched programs of last week and nearly every week, has some how to do with what’s happening in our world today… We still like to watch ourselves..

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Keeping Abreast of the Ratings

Newcastle cannot get enough of its new favourite show Underbelly2. Once again taking out the leader board for most watched program in the Hunter. Who can deny its star attraction so far to this witty, on the edge of your seat, suspenseful drama…Its leading ladies.
A year ago to this day Prime was in arms reach and trailing slightly behind the leading station NBN. Fast forward today, NBN has won this battle again by more than 10% of its viewing share!
Were you part of this audience? Check the entire list and see:

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2009 Hunter TV Ratings Begin With a Bang! – Literally.

Week 1 for the 2009 Hunter TV Ratings has kicked off with a bang! Literally. NBN has enjoyed a strong start thanks to Underbelly. Having such success with the first series, fans all over Newcastle slumped on the couch again for Monday nights premiere of the second series Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities.
With all eyes set on our TV box for updates on the devastating Victorian Fires, its not surprising NBN News dominated the most watched programs list for last week. In fact, NBN took out 7 out of 10 most watched programs in Newcastle. See further results:

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