Are television networks feeling the digital effects?

source: Sydney Morning Herald 12 March, 2010

There’s been a decided shift in television viewing numbers already in 2010 and it seems to be a nationwide trend. Here in Newcastle we have been intrigued by the difference in audience numbers this year compared to the same time last year.

So far there seems to be an average of 20,000 less viewers per top 10 program than for the corresponding week in 2009. For example the #1 program in Newcastle for week 10, 2010 was The Mentalist with 84,000 viewers. The #5 program was NBN  Saturday News with 67,000 viewers and the #10 program was Talkin’ Bout Your Generation on SC TEN with 55,000 viewers.

IN 2009 for the week ending 3 March (corresponding week) here are the numbers: #1 Underbelly on NBN with 124,000 viewers, #5 RSPCA Animal Rescue on Prime with 86,000 viewers and #10 CSI on NBN with 75,000 viewers. Of course, Underbelly is a standout ratings winner but the #1 program last week had less viewers than the #5 program last year.

As you can see there are about 20,000 less viewers for the main Free-to-Air channels. And this is happening every week.

Now the national media are picking up on the trend. The rest of this post is taken from today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

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Australian free-to-air TV ratings shake-up

As the Australian television ratings season kicks off, many network executives will be nervously watching the results.

OzTam has altered their measurement to include those with personal video recorders and it appears to be shaking up the results in a big way. The Seven network in particular is not impressed after their Australian Open Tennis coverage scored much lower ratings and some of their new season shows have received lukewarm figures.

Seven’s Desperate Housewives’ audience was down 25 per cent to 1.027 million in overnight viewing compared with live figures for the same week last year, while Gangs of Oz was down 20 per cent and Criminal Minds was down 16 per cent.

On a network basis, including the digital multichannels for each broadcaster, Seven’s audience numbers from 6am to midnight are down 7.4 per cent, while Ten is down 11.9 per cent, and SBS is down 8.1 per cent.

In contrast, the ABC is up 12.7 per cent and Nine is up 2 per cent.

Seems we’re in for an interesting year.

(Information sourced from The Australian)

ABC iView stats may be most interesting TV results of 2009

Tim Burrowes at Mumbrella has just published a wrap of the year’s free-to-air television results. Perhaps the most interesting statistics though are those published by non-commercial broadcaster ABC regarding iView. Is this a strong indicator to the future of broadcasting???

Here’s the iView excerpt from Tim’s post:

….although the ABC officially doesn’t care about ratings, it released some helpful analysis today.

The most fascinating stuff is around the ABC’s iPlayer and video downloads , which doesn’t get picked up by OzTam.

ABC iView (which is streamed from the site) has had more than 6m views since April, with an average of about 600,000 visits to iView per month. Last month, there were 286,000 visitors and 1.054 million visits to ABC iView. That suggests that iView will have a massive impact next year.

And video downloads of ABC content have amounted to 7m.

Interesting also to see how important adland show The Gruen Transfer is to the ABC – the 1.3m the final episode of the second series pulled in on May 20 was ABC1’s fourth biggest audience of the year. The penultimate episode was also ABC2’s sixth biggest show with an audience of 138,000.

The Gruen Transfer recorded 258,000 vodcast downloads this year (across the series rather than per episode). It recorded 70,000 views via ABC iView and in April it was the most viewed program on iView.

Meanwhile journos’ favourite show (until they’re on it)  Media Watch achieved a series average of 736,000 this year, peaking at 936,000 on October 12.

Media Watch also recorded 149,000 views via ABC iView and 869,000 vodcast downloads (across the series).

Next year will be the one where the full impact is felt….

Channel Seven Victorious

The National TV Ratings
Week ending November 21

Source: David Dale, Sun Herald Blogs

Channel Seven consolidated its victory for the year, averaging 30.0 per cent of the prime time audience last week (a figure that includes the audience for 7TWO). Nine and GO drew 27.4, Ten and ONE 20.1, ABC1&2 17.1 and SBS1&2 5.4. Go below to see what women watched last week.

Pay TV boosted its share of viewing last week, apparently because the free to air stations seem to have declared the silly season two weeks early. This was Pay’s account of itself: “The ‘Tiger Woods show’ topped the week with FOX Sport’s coverage of Live: Golf: JBWere Masters drawing 152,000 viewers. In other sport, Rugby League: Four Nations was watched by 88,000 people, Live: Football: A-League Bris v Melb had 73,000 viewers and Live: Cricket: Ford Ranger Cup was seen by 69,000 people. Finally, in the early hours of Sunday morning, 63,000 dedicated fans watched the Socceroos beat Oman in Live: Football: AFC Asian Cup Qualifier Oman v Aust (all on FOX Sports).

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Silly Season all over again

The National TV Ratings
Week ending November 14
Source: David Dale, Sun Herald Blogs

As we race towards the silly season (only two weeks of normal programming to go), Seven draws further ahead of Nine, Ten keeps sinking and ABC is thriving. The prime time audience shares last week were: SBS1&2 5.7 per cent; ABC1&2 18.0; Ten&ONE 19.8; Nine&GO 26.3; Seven&7TWO 30.1.

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Seven to take ratings crown but Nine’s hot on its heels

Amanda Meade From: The Australian November 16

WHEN the official ratings survey closes at the end of next week, Seven will hold on to its crown as the leading commercial free-to-air network.

But it is set to be beaten by Nine and Ten in some of the key advertiser-friendly demographics.

No 3 Network Ten wins the prize for hit of the year with MasterChef Australia.

According to OzTAM data, Seven has won the year to date with a 27.9 per cent share to Nine’s 26.6, Ten’s 22.5, ABC’s 17 and SBS’s 5.9.

But Seven is not as far ahead as it was three years ago, when it first beat Nine by more than two full share points: 29 to Nine’s 26.9.

Nine has been catching up, especially with younger audiences.

And although Seven had the most consistently successful programming line-up, it was not represented in the list of the top 10 programs, dominated by Ten’s MasterChef Australia (3.7 million for the finale) and sport events.

The Nine Network was given a late boost by the surprise success of two Hey Hey It’s Saturday Reunion specials, both of which attracted more than 2.1 million viewers.

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Digital is taking off!

The National TV Ratings
Week ending November 6
Source: David Dale, Sun Herald Blogs

Channel Seven won the week, needing no help from its offshoot 7TWO. Here’s how OzTAM says the prime time audience shares broke up: SBS2 0.4; ONE 1.1; ABC2 1.4; 7TWO 1.7; GO 2.7; SBS1 5.1; ABC1 16.2; Ten 19.0; Nine 23.5; Seven 29.1.

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Farewell AllSaints

The National TV Ratings
Week ending October 31
Source: David Dale, Sun Herald Blogs

The prime time audience shares for the week were: Seven&7TWO 28.8 per cent, Nine&GO 26.4, Ten&ONE 20.8, ABC1&2 18.4, SBS1&2 5.7.

This was Pay TV’s account of itself: “The Saturday night broadcast of the third one day international cricket test between Australia and India, Live: Cricket: ODI Ind v Aus 3rd ODI S1, topped the week for STV with 214,000 viewers. The FOX Sports’ coverage of Live: Rugby Union: Bledisloe Cup was watched by 144,000 people, 66,000 watched Live: Cricket: Ford Ranger Cup and 65,000 watched Live: Football: A-League Bris v Newc (all on FOX Sports).

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Channel Nine won the week

Week ending October 24
Source: David Dale, Sun Herald Blogs

Without doing anything special in the way of new programming, Channel Nine won the week. That’s because Ten is chipping away at Seven’s audience. It might be a different story next month when Seven launches its new channel. The prime time audience shares were: SBS1&2 5.5 per cent; ABC1&2 18.7; Ten&ONE 21.1; Seven&7TWO 26.9; Nine&GO 27.9.

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The National Ratings

Week ending October 17
Source: David Dale, Sun Herald Blogs

In a rare moment of full and frank disclosure, Channel Nine has released a rundown of how the stations have been attracting audiences this year. In the course of that report, Nine also reveals the name of the new digital station which Seven intends to launch in November. Apparently it will be called TBA. Here is the essence of Nine’s roundup …

Prime time audience shares for the week ending October 17: SBS1 5.1 per cent, SBS2 0.4; ABC2 15.9, ABC1 1.2; Ten 20.2, ONE 1.6; Nine 24.1, GO 2.4; Seven 29.0, TBA 0.0.
Prime time audience shares for the ratings year so far:
SBS 1&2 5.9
ABC 1&2 17.0
Ten & ONE 22.7
Nine & GO 26.6
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