How Tablet Shoppers are Changing eCommerce

The original iPad was launched back in April 2010, kicking off the tablet computing era. In less than two and a half years Apple have sold over 100 million iPads. Then there are the other popular tablets on the market from Samsung, Amazon and more.

In short, a lot of us are now using tablets a lot of the time and this is having a major impact on eCommerce. This has led to the rise of “couch commerce” as most people tend to use them in their living rooms. The implications for marketers are numerous as this great infographic from Monetate illustrates.

Couch Commerce: How Tablet Shoppers are Changing Online SalesMonetate Marketing Infographics

The smartphone online shopping boom

Remember when everyone had to have a website? Well, the explosive popularity of the smartphone means that more and more consumers are shopping online using a mobile device. In fact, website traffic from smartphones increased 103% in the last year. So now its not just a website you need, its also a mobile-friendly site.

Here are the latest stats and facts from the team at Monetate to help you understand the impact of smartphones for shopping online and the battle for supremacy between iPhone and Android.

Are you taking mobile into account in your online marketing and retail strategies?

The Battle for Smartphone SupremacyMonetate Marketing Infographics

Infographic: How mobile technology is changing world travel

Is there an industry more affected by social networks and mobile technology than the travel industry? Possibly not.

When I first traveled overseas postcards and the weekly letter were the main means of communication. These days we’re rarely disconnected from home, our next destination or the people and places we visit.

Mobile technology has turned travel on its head. Now 3 in 4 travelers use a mobile device while on the move. We can check in with our airlines, search and book accommodation with AirBnB and much much more.

The following infographic is by the team at and has some excellent stats for those researching travel and technology.

How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel with My Destination

Marketers must start thinking about mobile apps?

Marketers must start thinking about apps

Marketers must start thinking about apps

The mobile phone apps market is booming and is expected to go into overdrive when Apple’s new iPad device launches next month. For most corporate marketers apps are probably nothing more than a curiosity or a convenience if they have app-friendly devices.

But maybe businesses should start thinking about apps a little more strategically as part of their internet marketing strategy.

Research firm Gartner expects that cellphones will be the most common device used for browsing the web by 2013. They predict the number of browser-equipped phones to exceed 1.83 billion, compared to 1.78 billion old fashioned computers in use within 3 years.

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