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Social Media and the Law: essential reading for the 21st century

legalsocialormvia media release – 29 October 2014

While the continued rise of social media is delivering extraordinary benefits to the widest cross section of the community, it also exposes individuals and organisations to enormous risks making the newly published Social Media and the Law an essential reading not just for legal practitioners and academics but also business and corporate managers, HR departments and the broader business community.

For example, the chapter Social Media and Employment Law explores the balance between social media and workplace relations. At worst, employees face dismissal while employers who don’t have a comprehensive strategy on social media in place are at great risk. The reality is that social media blurs the boundaries of what can be considered ‘conduct at work’ and ‘conduct at home’, yet at the same time magnifies the consequences of ill-judged comments and actions. Existing workplace issues including bullying, harassment and vilification continue to take place on social media while the temptation for employers to use social media platforms as a means of pre-employment screening and workplace surveillance raises fresh issues.

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Book review: Curation Nation

Curation Nation: How to Win in a World Where Consumers are Creators

The subtitle of Curation Nation addresses a question that must be troubling many traditional businesses; How to win in a world where consumers are creators.

Its a great topic and one that should be mandatory reading in businesses around the world.

The last decade has seen the traditional flow of information turned upside down. Whereas information had been created and distributed by a few powerful organisation, it is now created and fed to the world at lightening speed by the masses through blogs, video, photo sharing, social networks and more.

Needless to say, this has been hard for many to understand and deal with. It can change whole business models.

Fortunately Steven Rosenbaum has made a fair effort at addressing the topic and providing some solutions. he is well credentialed too. Rosenbaum created MTV’s groundbreaking user-generated video show MTV Unfiltered and directed the award-winning 9/11 documentary 7 Days in September. He is the CEO of, the largest real-time video aggregation and curation engine on the Internet.

In this informative guide to the brave new media world Rosenbaum explains in detail why the future of content is context. He explains curation, provides tools and techniques and looks at various different perspectives such as magazines, web platforms and brands.

Importantly Rosenbaum asks and addresses the question: what is your content strategy?

Its a question every business should ask themselves. Then they should read Curation Nation and start finding the answers.

Book review: The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing

The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing: How to Attract and Retain Customers and Grow the Bottom Line in the Globally Connected WorldMarketing Books)

Increasingly marketers are having to accept that social media is here to stay and that they will need to learn how to adapt and thrive to the era of social media marketing. There have been a few very good books published in the last year or so that successfully introduce and explain how modern marketers can compete in an increasingly social world. Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s 2010 best-selling Trust Agents is one and now a new book has arrived that is equally worth reading: The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing.

Written by experience US marketers Beverly Macy and Teri Thompson, The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing explains how to take advantage of today’s fluid business environment and develop innovative way to meet market demands.

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Do not read this book: The Dentsu Way

The Dentsu Way

…unless you want to learn some extremely innovative ways to reinvent your marketing.

Dentsu is a Japanese advertising agency that has become one of the largest and most successful in the world. That in itself was news to me. But what was more interesting is how Dentsu have pioneered fascinating cross-communication strategies that resonate strongly in the fragmenting world of modern media and digital ubiquity.It’s all been revealed in a new book called The Dentsu Way by Kotaro Sugyama and Tim Andree.

What got my attention in The Dentsu Way is how this agency doesn’t follow the old reach and frequency, interruption model of advertising, but aims to draw consumers out on their own accord. They try to deliver information with which consumers want to be come involved. It has a lot of similarities with inbound marketing in that regard.

My headline “Do not read this book” is a nod to a famous campaign Dentsu did for a manga publication where their late night TV ads pleaded with viewers not to search for the new title on the internet. Of course everyone then did search and slowly a cat and mouse game played out rewarding those who dug deepest. These fans then spread the word and the buzz and subsequent sales went crazy.

The core of the book explains Dentsu’s Cross-Communication theory and then shows case studies and how you can design your own Cross-Switch strategy. It balances creativity with a data-intensive approach, something that once again should appeal to modern digital agencies.

The Dentsu Way really is a fascinating read and makes a good argument for the merging of traditional advertising agencies with digital (as opposed to the current either or approach) so that a truly integrated approach can run through a campaign.

So whatever you do, don’t buy this book…..I’d rather keep these ideas for myself.

If you only buy one book this year, buy this one on Friday

Earlier this year we were involved in the publication of the collaborative marketing book Age of Conversation 3: Its time to get busy.

Age of Conversation 3: Its time to get busy

Join the Age of Conversation

The book has gained plenty of attention but this Friday 15 October we want to dial it all the way up to 11 with a concerted online effort of promotion and sales.

Friday is Blog Action Day – and this year’s focus for Blog Action Day is water. To participate in Blog Action Day, you simply register your blog and then write a post. BUT what can you write about? Here’s where Age of Conversation comes in!

You see, our chosen charity for this edition of the Age of Conversation is Charity: Water, who are also one of the participating partners for Blog Action Day. So what we’d like you to do is to help us with a Bum Rush on the Amazon charts – generate sales for AoC3 and raise money for charity: water.

charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of public donations directly fund water projects.

Amazingly, just $20 can give one person clean water for 20 years. An average water project costs $5,000 and can serve 250 people with clean, safe water – so purchasing a copy of the Age of Conversation 3 really can make a difference to someone’s life!

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Its time to get busy: the Age of Conversation has arrived

Age of Conversation 3: It's time to get busy

If you want to learn about social media and modern marketing then look no further than Age of Conversation 3. In one book you can hear from 171 of the World’s leading bloggers and marketers as they discuss 10 fascinating topics such as Conversational Branding, Measurement, Influence and Pitching Social Media.

For the third book in this series, Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan undertook the mammoth task of attracting, editing and compiling in a wonderful example of modern collaboration. Fifteen countries are represented with authors coming from places as diverse as Oman, Finland, India, Mexico, Portugal, Ukraine and of course Australia and the USA. It truly is an International effort.

I think John Rosen says it best on the back cover:

Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan have created a true phenomenon – one that will be studied for yours and be recognized as a turning point in our vision of the author……the author of the future will be a coordinator, conductor and guide who directs a global workforce of the best and brightest in completing the ultimate endeavour.

Age of Conversation 3 is now available on Amazon in hardcover, softcover and even a Kindle version. Once again, all proceeds from sales of the book will go to children’s charities.

I am extremely proud to be a small part of the Age of Conversation for a third time. Please buy a few copies for yourself, your clients or your company. Spread the word and help us raise some money for children’s charities. But most importantly – get busy and join the conversation.

Meet the authors:

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Meet the authors of Age of Conversation 3

Coming soon, Age of Conversation 3

The latest edition of the exciting collaborative Age of Conversation marketing book series is about to go on sale with the release of “Age of Conversation 3: Its time to get busy” now at the publishers.

Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton have had the monumental task of compiling and editing the contributions of around 170 authors from around the world and now the book is close to release.

Very soon you will be able to purchase it directly from Amazon or a number of other online book stores. The new cover was designed by Chris Wilson. And the new website was created by the hard working team at Sticky.

There are some extremely talented marketers contributing this book so I can’t wait to read it myself. Stay tuned for more announcements soon, but in the meantime you can meet the authors:

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Is Apple about to save print media?

Will Apple save print media too?

Will Apple save print media too?

A very familiar scenario could be about to play out.

A decade ago the music industry was reeling from the sudden loss of revenue thanks to the likes of Napster and other peer-to-peer networks. Free downloads were “robbing” music publishers of sales. They got aggressive, sued individuals for downloading and chased Napster into oblivion but the fact remained that the music industry hadn’t kept up wit the changing digital landscape and didn’t have a model for the 21st Century.

Then along came Apple with the iPod and the iTunes store. They made it easy, legal and affordable to download music and quickly struck deals with almost every music publisher. A new model was created. It wasn’t necessarily as lucrative for the publishers but it kept them alive and in the game.

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Age of Conversation 3 – call for authors

I have had the distinct honour over the last 3 years to contribute to an ambitious and exciting publishing project titled: Age of Conversation. Initiated by Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton, the Age of Conversation books (two so far) saw respected bloggers and marketers from around the world pool their talents to create a groundbreaking effort in collaborative publishing.

Now its on again. Drew and Gavin have decided to move forward with the 3rd installment and are calling for contributors to join the core of original writers who have returned for another edition.

Here are their two blog posts explaining all. Come and join the conversation…..

Drew McLellan

Gavin Heaton

Note: Call for authors has closed already. Fully subscribed within a few hours.

Connection Generation by Iggy Pintado

The human race has always had an innate desire to connect. The communication revolution taught us how to speak to each other individually or en masse using various mediums. Now, connection technology has made it easier, more effective and more efficient to connect.

Connection Generation, a new book by Australian marketer and author Iggy Pintado, explores how we have evolved through our six degrees of separation to embrace connection technology.

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