Caralis and Laws: over before it begins?

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The biggest game in radio at the moment isn’t “secret sound” or “5th caller through”. In fact, its not even on air.

Bets are being taken across the radio industry on how long the John Laws comeback will last on the Bill Caralis owned 2SM Supernetwork.

I wagered they might make it until September 2011 before Laws pulled the pin, but some insiders are saying it might not even get off the ground with word circulating a signed contract doesn’t exist. Either way, it’s going to be interesting.

It makes sense for Caralis to lure Laws back on air at 2SM. The station was rating less than 1% years ago when Caralis withdrew it from official Surveys, so the formerly high-rating Laws should have a good shot at improving audience numbers, and might even see 2SM being surveyed again.

But the real value for Caralis is networking Laws across his AM network throughout northern NSW and southern Queensland. The John Laws show used to be a good money spinner where he was relayed on the Supernetwork and Caralis would be keen to restore some of that old magic.

However, the real question the industry wants to know is why Laws would come out of retirement at 75 to work on the lowest rating station in Sydney. John Laws is used to working with some of the best producers and resources in the industry, while the Supernetwork is legendarily under-resourced.

I can only surmise that Mr Laws is bored and misses the radio industry, loves a challenge, or has struck an amazing deal with Caralis on sponsorships and ad-shares.

One thing is certain though…. when you put two characters like Bill Caralis and John Laws in a room together the most entertaining stuff won’t be going to air.

So folks, roll up, roll up and place your bets. How long can the Laws / Caralis relationship last?

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Written by Craig Wilson

18 Responses to “Caralis and Laws: over before it begins?”

ill give it til March 2011 the whole thing sounds like a stunt just 2 try and get the SRN back in the news.In the mean time poor old 2hd listners now have 2 put up 6 hours of total talkback garbage in the afternoon come on 2hd wot about some classic hits for a few hours god u can only put up with so much DULL callers for so long.

Comment by radio nut on December 14th, 2010

it always amazes me the willingness to rubbish 2sm, the ones that do know nothing about how its run and how successful an operator bill caralis is with his network,,, tell me the network and individual operators that own all the real estate as well as the licences,,, thats right ,very few. i have been on breakfast at 2sm for 10 years and its the best i have ever felt in my entire 46 years of radio broadcasting,some of you dont get that lawsys coming back because he loves it, and for me its the best thing to ever happen to 2sm and the network,,,, and sad news for 2ue networking,ill pose a question david oldfield on your network or john laws?,,, no brainer eh? station managers we welcome your enquiries… ill be handling the golden mike til 12 for january until the very best arrives to shake it all up again as he knows how, bring it,,, grant goldman

Comment by grant goldman on December 14th, 2010

The Laws morning show will have to run on the smell of an oily rag just like the rest of the operation does. The hiring of Laws is for one reason only,to save the slowly fading away,irrelevant 2HD in Newcastle. Might be a new/old voice 9-12 each day but the fact remains the business model is still the same and will never change. So sad for us Newcastle people.

Comment by BJ on December 15th, 2010

Go LAWSY!! Go Dad!!!
Great to see the little battlers taking on the big guys.
Kick ass…..Congrats on the new network stations by the way.

Comment by mike goldman on December 16th, 2010

love it when former disgruntled employees get on,,, you see it a mile off , let it go,,,,,, and bj you would rather david oldfield than lawsy?,,, wake up

Comment by grant goldman on December 17th, 2010

Grant my understanding that “disgruntled” applies to current employees…the word for ex-employees is “relieved”. Relieved they can work in a professional environment that Workcover wouldn’t shutdown if they inspected. Relieved that they now get paid a decent wage, on time and including all entitlements. Relieved that they are no longer laughed at for announcing where they work. I’m happy for you that you are one of the very few who actually thinks working in the Supernetwork is good.

Comment by Little Johnny on December 17th, 2010

Ray Hadley any day of the week. The ratings suggest the same.

Get with the strength GG. Stop dreaming.

Comment by BJ on December 19th, 2010

bj you must be one of those ones we had to let go,,,,, let me tell you its much better dealing with one person , the owner than some failed announcer masquerading as a program manager, which is the case at many stations across australia. ps i am well paid and i dont think an outsider or an ex employee has any right to comment, the people i work with are all very happy,and so are the listeners by the way, and even more so when lawsy starts,,, it kills you doesnt it

Comment by grant goldman on December 23rd, 2010

Grant, its seems Bill “had to let go” anyone who acted somewhat professionally or actually wanted to be paid fairly. So big chance that BJ is one of those as it applies to nearly anyone who no longer works for the Supernetwork. The only ones left are the desperados who can’t get a gig at a properly run media outlet.

As for these “happy listeners”, where are they? Last time 2SM was surveyed it rated less than the margin of error (ie, bugger all listeners) and in Newcastle where 2HD is surveyed its sliding inexorably towards oblivion too. I think the ‘listeners’ have moved on.

Comment by Little Johnny on December 23rd, 2010

Hey Grant, are you trying to convince all of us or yourself?

Comment by BJ on December 23rd, 2010

John Laws is a sad, doddering old twit and should have retired years ago, not hung in like a beaten favourite. And I can’t stand the guy on 2SM at the moment who sounds like the bloke who makes the train announcements at Central. I am going to be torn between Ray Hadley and David Oldfield this year.

Comment by Colleen on January 2nd, 2011

Of cause its the best your felt in 10 years GG @ 2SM/// your not included in the ratings survey which means u don’t have to compete, your basically a community radio station and so what if the owner owns the real estate and the licences and you deal with him direct it stills doesn’t change the dull format. What it means is the owner has no idea of running radio stations. But i suppose the comeback will be that Lawsy is back.

Comment by radio nut on January 7th, 2011

2SM is a retirement village. It’s amazing how open people in the Newcastle/Hunter area these days are so verbal about the state of once their fav station 2HD. The dislike is widespread with people mentioning different announcers and timeslots on the station,years ago it would be one or two personalities who may get a spray,now it seems the only thing the remaining 2HD followers can agree on is that they would listen to John Laws. Laws will rate in Newcastle again for sure,anywhere progressive like Sydney – forget it.

Comment by BJ on January 7th, 2011

Give the station a go!2SM is an icon and still remains the favourite of many baby boomers!John Laws could be the start of a 2SM Super Network revival!Give it a go.It may surprise you and make the knockers eat their words!

Comment by Ben Gee on January 10th, 2011

OMG Ppl need to get a copy of NEW FM Breakfast today 8am-9am. I’m still in shock that their own Breakfast team spent an hour on air talking about how bad the ratings were and what a consultant discussed with them before Xmas. (shake head) It was just incredible,never heard anything on radio like that before. Must be hard to go to work.

Comment by BJ on January 10th, 2011

What about poor old Richard King returns from holidays has to let everyone know that he has been away because other than John Carroll telling you when he was returning no one knew as there was no B/fast show promos while he was off I wonder if Richard is going to b permanently on B/fast as not even he refers to the show as THE RICHARD KING BREAKFAST SHOW.Anyway nothings changed still dull lets all the calls ramble on at least GG cuts them off if they start talking crap.And wot about desperate Dave in the background whenever old Richard interacts with him it always sounds as though he is standing in the doorway mumbling you can hardly hear him! O well lets see if Lawsy pulss them out of the cellar.Lawsys back you know it kills you doesn’t it.

Comment by radio nut on January 11th, 2011

Bag John Laws all you like. He was and is the man who brought talk-back radio into the hearts and minds of a nation. Laws is the King.

Comment by Darryl Barrington on January 31st, 2011

I think it is so sad that all the washed up radio announcers end up in the 2SM Graveyard. I moved to the country about 6 months ago and unfortunately for me, all I could get is the Super Network, I found a Community radio Station on the FM band and was so happy that I didn’t have to commit suicide after all, after listening to Graham Gilbert dribble on for hours,I got really depressed listening to Carter Edwards, the only thing you can really remember from him is where he is performing for the next year, (Who Bloody Cares)and I also believe the love of Grant Golman’s life is in fact Grant Goldman him self, if you don’t agree with him, you get cut off, simple as that, and all the many important people he seems to know, but can’t seem to remember there names. what a joke. Community radio is the only place you can listen to and get real people with real radio values, rather than the crap that is shoved down your ears on the super network, if I was the Boss there, I’d sack the lot of them and give 2SM back to the Catholics, at least they seemed to know what people wanted, and gave it to them, but for now, Go Community Radio, David

Comment by David Logan on October 1st, 2012

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