Brent Bultitude resigns from radio 2HD

Breakfast announcer Brent Bultitude has resigned suddenly from Newcastle radio station 2HD. He has been Breakfast announcer on the Bill Caralis owned station since late 2009 when he replaced Luke Grant who was dismissed in controversial circumstances.

Bultitude has only been on air for one radio survey in the Breakfast slot, falling to 4th place behind ABC1233. Word is that he walked out last Thursday and said he wouldn’t be coming back.

Richard King is currently filling the Breakfast slot on 2HD. Ironically, King was also controversially dismissed just before Christmas in 2008.

Update: 3/6/10

Yesterday in the Newcastle Herald 2HD management denied that Brent Bultitude had resigned. Station manager Guy Ashford said “Bultitude was on leave to pursue business interests, as he had done in the past, and was welcome back when ready.” Does anyone believe this?

Update 4/6/10

Both Jocks Journal and RadioInfo have reported that Brent Bultitude has resigned, despite denials in the Newcastle Herald by Guy Ashford. Of course, given the history of announcers being dismissed and then returning to air when the station has no other alternatives, there is always a possibility Bultitude will be back at 2HD again.

Update 28/6/10

I have removed a series of comments from this post for legal reasons. This is not something I take lightly but some comments have made serious allegations about employees of 2HD and many of the responses have been equally sensitive. This website is intended to be a commentary on media and media management (and marketing), not a forum for personal battles. Everyone is welcome to comment on the topics here but once it gets personal and potentially slanderous I am compelled to moderate. I hope everyone understands and appreciates this.

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Written by Craig Wilson

20 Responses to “Brent Bultitude resigns from radio 2HD”

o well horses 4 courses no idea how 2 ask the hard questions treated all callers as though they were idiots made smart ass comments after the interviews and most interviews were of self interest eg the wine country, resturants, the east end of Newcastle and generally came over with a better than you attitude anyway lets wait ad c who the next lamb to the slaughter is.

Comment by radio nut on June 1st, 2010

why did it take so long? Only talkback host to refuse my call in 30 years because he disagreed with me – but i will miss the price of petrol at the mobile service station – no doubt the same price as the mobil in the same location…… he was biased . self serving . self promoting and talentless – apart from that he was ok !

Comment by Bob Gregg on June 2nd, 2010

I think he was a mate of the boss – that’s how he got the job. Couldn’t have landed it on ability because he was extremely limited. Who on earth would want the gig anyway ? $50k a year working for Caralis doing breakfast in Australia’s 6th biggest market ? Go pack shelves in Coles-it’s less stressful and they don’t have ratings !

Comment by Ian Macdonald on June 2nd, 2010

Thank god what a pathetic excuse for a radio jock. He could not keep a show together he thinks he is the next John Laws when realy he is a pathetic panel opperator and does not care about the newcastle community. Should have happend along time ago probably in the first week. Hope dicky does well he does not really have big boots to fit into. Any one would be better then Brent Bultitude in fact my 7 year old would do better. Guy ashford needs a wake up call what a joke i cant belive that place its got large dramas. It will all start getting better when ashford gets the sack and kev comes back.

Comment by james on June 3rd, 2010

No more multitude of Bultitude? Awww…

Comment by Nick on June 3rd, 2010

About time. I’ll be able to put 1143 back on my tuner. Bultitude really was a no talent and self absorbed. Good job!

Comment by Kim on June 4th, 2010

Dear Gum Tree,

I, like most of us, are sorry to hear your tale of woe. But it’s typical of the ’80′s chauvinistic approach to management (or lack thereof) at 2HD/NEW-FM, which comes from the top down. 2HD is being allowed to slowly implode, while the programming emphasis is now firmly on NEW-FM, which is still languishing in the ratings despite more than 2 years of effort by the current programme director.

Brent Bultitude was far too busy with his cafe and vineyard to give enough time to the breakfast programme. I doubt he will be back. He was one of the chauvinists as well, and a good mate of the station manager…another chauvinist.

I’ll give some credit here to Luke Grant, who put hours into his program and holds a Communications Degree.

Unfortunately, Brent, like most of the other announcers and management at 2HD are untrained when it comes to talk radio. They are all ex music jocks with little or no journalistic background.

The station manager and his management sidekick are too busy building their ivory towers on paddle pop sticks to properly run 2HD. In short, they lack the skills and talent to do so and have become ‘yes’ men to the whims and fancies of the owner, who’s sole motive in broadcasting is to cut costs and hire the cheapest possible labour.

When you consider the major metro commercial talk stations (Macquarie and Fairfax) pay 6 figures to their on-air talent, 2HD as the commercial talk station in Newcastle falls a long way short. Similarly, programme producers in metro markets generally have a background in journalism and are well paid to ‘drive’ the talk shows. Except perhaps for breakfast, 2HD and The Super Network generaly regard producers as ‘phone jockies and nothing more. Pay monkeys, you get peanuts.

But, you see, the owner doesn’t care.

He’s still making money and that’s all that matters to him.

Comment by Inside Outside on June 4th, 2010

there have been more people who’ve seen the Loch-Ness Monster than have listened to 2hd recently.for those of you who like gossip and rumour,here’s some info
regarding the next replacment on 2hd,as far as breakfast hosts go.

you can be assured that management have already beaten a path to the door of a
former new/fm breakfast host in the past 7 days to take over the role vacated by brent.

outside of that,don’t be too hard on guy ashford or stefano lineburner.both went to the usa to further their media-education prowess to become polished they can barely read and write.

Comment by clown-like-phallus on June 5th, 2010

Hey Clown-like-phallus… would that former NEW FM host also more recently be an ex 1233 2NC announcer? If so surely he has more brains than to do that! However, anyone who chooses to work for Bill doesn’t need our permission, just our best wishes. 2HD would be best suited to just leave the stumbling Dickie on breakfast. He’s a nice enough bloke, he knows the market/ audience and the blue rinse love him.

Comment by little johnnie on June 5th, 2010

It really is so sad to see this once really relevant radio station (2HD) being run into the ground by an owner and a manager who have little or no idea about commercial radio. To go from the #1 station to the #4 station in such a short space of time tells it’s own tale. I think abouy 20 different breakfast shows have been used over the past 10 years and none of them have really worked. Brent Bultitude, Cameron Williams, Luke Grant, Tony Brisco, Steve St. John, Jodi McKay, Richard King – every one of them an abject failure and the ratings have proven it. Guy Ashford mouthed off when he took over about Sandgate being a potent force again within two years – Well Guy, you’ve had your two years and you’ve gone backwards, big time. If Billy the boss knew how to read a survey book, you’d be out on your ear. Aren’t you lucky he doesn’t and you’re able to continually bluff him ! Potent force ? Not even the entire Viagra factory could kickstart what you’ve helped to ruin.

Comment by Ian Macdonald on June 6th, 2010

Ian, just one note in response to your comment. Cameron Williams actually rated quite well and even won breakfast slot from memory before leaving to go back to TV in Sydney. But yes, there have been way too many announcers on 2HD in the last decade and the station’s notoriously low pay rates and management style mean that any good ones won’t go there or hang around very long.

Comment by Media Hunter on June 6th, 2010

While I don’t wish to enter into the above debate, I can confirm that all comments are from genuine individuals, not duplicate accounts or impersonators.

Really the debate should stick to the station in question.

Comment by Media Hunter on June 14th, 2010

With regard to the comment by Ian on former 2HD announcers I would argue strongly that Tony Briscoe (note the spelling) was certainly not an abject failure as you claim. Tony and Karina Bennett were asked to take over the breakfast program in 2001 when it rated number 3 after falling from the number 1 position. Within two surveys, the show was back to number 1, and remained at number 1 in the first survey of 2002. The show dipped slightly to be number 2 in the second survey of that year, but was only point 7 of a percent behind David and Tanya, and probably would have bounced back in the next survey if not for the brilliant management decision to replace Tony and Karina with Steve St John. The rest is history as the program then dropped a third of its audience to go from 20.5% to around the 14% mark, and it has never recovered.Just as a side issue the Sales Manager of 2HD at the time Tony and Karina were dispensed with was none other than Craig Wilson.

Comment by Fan of Tony on June 17th, 2010

Tony I assume??

Yes all the above is quite true. And yes I was sales manager about that time. Although I fail to see what that has to do with any programming decisions.

I think anyone would agree that 2hD was a better station in 2001 than it is now, and it was even better before it changed hands in 1999. Its been downhill overall ever since with only a few brief moments of sunshine. The one constant has been the owner, everyone else has come and gone.

Cheers, Craig

Comment by Media Hunter on June 17th, 2010

In regard to some of the comments above, it was indeed a sad day when Tony Briscoe and his wife Sue left the station. The decision to put Steve StJohn on HD breakky was a disaster and after flicking on to his brekky show on NewFM this week, he has not improved.
Tony must shoulder a bit of the blame for his demise as he did dig his heels in wanting a better deal than the one offered and one can’t blame him but, unfortunately in-house management had virtually no control over this as the ogre owner had already started rolling back wages and staff no matter how talented one was. This is certainly reflective of both 2HD and NewFM currently as quality control is almost non existent. The decision by the Labor Party to sell 2HD/NewFM was bad enough but to sell it to Bill Caralis, they should never be forgiven.

Comment by Ex Swamper on June 18th, 2010

It is quite amazing (and illegal under the Broadcast Act) that 2HD/NEW FM runs without a qualified technician/engineer on the premesis. Same goes for 2SM. These flagship stations also run without Programme Directors, Sales Managers, Promotions Managers etc etc. Did you know that all employees of 2HD are casual ? That means cheapskate Caralis doesn’t have to pay Superannuation, holiday pay, sick leave or long service leave. All journalists are Cadets. That means cheapskate Caralis doesn’t have to pay AJA Award wages (Again illegal, because there is no supervision for the cadets). No Engineer means he doesn’t have to pay Award wages (PREI). This idiot has absolutely killed what used to be a thriving and relevant business with two pretty good radio stations. No one’s got the balls to stand up to him, including ACMA or the ABA, let alone ex-staff who were diddled out of their entitlements….and what about APRA Bill ? You owe them a small fortune because you keep refusing to pay ! Whilst you keep leaving control in the hands of talent-free zones like Guy Ashford & his buddy Steve St. John, you will keep getting the dud results you deserve. If the OH & S people ever visited the station, you would be closed down in an instant…..but why should you care ? Bill Caralis, you are to Commercial Radio what Robert Mugabe is to Zimbabwe.

Comment by Ian Macdonald on June 18th, 2010

Fantastic listening to Richard King anytime he is announcing. Brilliant waking up to his voice. I hope he gets the pats on the back that he deserves. A true gentleman who does his job well. Thanks Richard and I wish you every success.

Comment by Don Hill on June 22nd, 2010

Its the combined efforts of all to regulate and complain where something is unprofessional.
Sometimes their foolish pride will let them loose an opportunity. You should have tipped another network.
It’s a mongrel to abuse women. Personal and professional lives are one and the same. No wonder NEW and 2HD are down on ratings.

Comment by So say all of us. on June 25th, 2010

Brent Bultitude why don’t you relocate to Melbourne and join MTR 1377 as a reporter at MacQuarie National News?

Comment by JASON FROM BORONIA VICTORIA on July 17th, 2010


Comment by Media Hunter on August 9th, 2010