Blogvertising, will relevance make online ads more effective?

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This blogsite has never existed as a money spinner. Sure, I sometimes promote the activities of my various businesses and that can be beneficial, but I have never tried or expected to make a dollar from publishing blog posts.

I’m also a big advocate of inbound marketing and tend to believe the rather funny recent study that found its more likely your will survive a plane crash or win the lottery than click a banner ad. That’s because we don’t go to our favourite websites to look at ads, we go for what that site offers; information, advice, entertainment etc. And its very rare that we are actually served up advertisements that are relevant to us.

Advertisements are pointless and annoying unless they are actually relevant and of service to readers. So that’s why I haven’t included any ads on Media Hunter or even on Urban Insider….until now.

As you’ll (hopefully) see on the right hand side of this site there is an ad. Its not large, its not flashing and popping up to infuriate you, but for many I believe (hope) it is actually relevant.

I recently joined the Influads bloggers network. I have been approached by numerous ad networks over the years but none really seemed right so I declined to participate. To me, Influads seemed different. They claim to be the only ad network actually curated by its publishers. They’re aiming to build a tight network of blogs around different topics and match them with highly relevant advertisers…businesses with services that might actually be relevant to readers of these blogs.

Its only early days but I am fairly happy with the ads that have been served up so far. Online invoicing services, handcrafted online video services and other online tools and services that innovative businesses might be interested in. In fact, I have even been keen on some of the products so far to try for my own business.

Do I think I’ll be sitting on a beach blogging and living off the ad proceeds soon? No. But I am very interested in learning whether blog readers will click on advertisements if they are relevant and whether this is a viable marketing proposition. Being part of the network will tell me because I get to see all the stats.

If Influads is successful it’ll be because of relevance and that could be a strong pointer to the future of web advertising in general.

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Written by Craig Wilson

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Sounds like (and they’re the only ads that I ever click)

Comment by David Rossi on September 13th, 2011

Yes it has some similarities to The Deck who I also think do a great job.

Comment by Media Hunter on September 13th, 2011

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