Australian free-to-air TV ratings shake-up

As the Australian television ratings season kicks off, many network executives will be nervously watching the results.

OzTam has altered their measurement to include those with personal video recorders and it appears to be shaking up the results in a big way. The Seven network in particular is not impressed after their Australian Open Tennis coverage scored much lower ratings and some of their new season shows have received lukewarm figures.

Seven’s Desperate Housewives’ audience was down 25 per cent to 1.027 million in overnight viewing compared with live figures for the same week last year, while Gangs of Oz was down 20 per cent and Criminal Minds was down 16 per cent.

On a network basis, including the digital multichannels for each broadcaster, Seven’s audience numbers from 6am to midnight are down 7.4 per cent, while Ten is down 11.9 per cent, and SBS is down 8.1 per cent.

In contrast, the ABC is up 12.7 per cent and Nine is up 2 per cent.

Seems we’re in for an interesting year.

(Information sourced from The Australian)

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Written by Craig Wilson

2 Responses to “Australian free-to-air TV ratings shake-up”

Desperate Housewives was down 25%? Still one of the best written shows on TV. What’s your theory? Have people already seen these shows on the net/ DVD or are they engaging in social media/ web and no longer watch TV?

Comment by Jason Berek-Lewis on February 8th, 2010

There’s definitely an overall erosion of FTA viewing and downloads of US series are biting into the numbers somewhat. But the main point here might be that the previous (years) figures were not as accurate due to not including DVR data. Maybe this is a closer reflection.

Desperate is a fairly old show now and there’s always going to be a drop off over time.

I think it needs to pan out more.

Comment by Craig Wilson on February 8th, 2010

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