AgeAge Power 150 list gets a revamp

The Power 150, a ranking of the world’s best English-language marketing industry blogs, has had a revamp. Originally created by Todd Andrick, The Power 150 has now grown to rate almost 1000 blogsites. The new measurement criteria has stirred up the results with some significant changes occurring. These will now be updated on a daily basis.

Australia has 34 sites ranked on the Power 150:

21 ProBlogger

105 Bannerblog

127 Social Network Marketing

159 Amnesia Blog

196 Adspace Pioneers

201 Three Billion Project

211 Better Communication Results

218 Acidlabs

226 Inspiration Room Daily

257 CopyWrite

286 Media Hunter

332 Personalize Media

333 Online Marketing Banter

334 Pigs Don’t Fly

355 Young PR

400 Psychotactics (NZ)

455 Get Shouty

498 The Marketer

503 Marketing Easy

512 Corporate Engagement

513 PR Disasters

516 This Ain’t No Disco

522 Servant Of Chaos

561 ineedhits

609 Creative Is Not A Department

624 Ryan’s View

714 Jax Rant

742 Shifted Pixels Blog

796 Business of Marketing and Branding

828 Zebra Bites

849 Insight

901 Slice Media

932 Innovation Feeder

963 Frontiering Talk

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Written by Craig Wilson

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‘coming on the heals’? Heals used to ‘keep’ for Australia…try heels!

Comment by Josh on May 1st, 2009

Josh, thx for the comment but I’m not sure which post this was meant to refer to?

Comment by Media Hunter on May 1st, 2009

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