9 ways people are interacting with brands via social media

US market research firm AYTM have just published an excellent infographic, Branding and how it works in the social media age, which has some handy statistics for modern marketers.

I have paraphrased a few of the best stats here or you can look through the entire infographic by clicking on “read rest of this entry”.

1. 85% of internet users have Facebook accounts; 49% are on Twitter

2. 74% of internet users use Facebook daily; 35% use Twitter daily

3. 19% of people follow a brand on Twitter 

4. 39% of people have tweeted about a brand on Twitter 

5. 58% of Facebook users have liked a brand on Facebook 

6. 42% of people have mentioned a brand in a Facebook status update 

7. 50% more people say their brand mentions in Facebook status updates are only positive (versus negative or mixed) 

8. 80% of people prefer to get coupons, promos, and discounts from brands in social media 

9. 32% of people prefer updates from brands in the form of short social media updates

Branding and Social Media Statistics – How People Are Interacting With Brands Online
Source: AYTM Market Research

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Written by Craig Wilson

One Response to “9 ways people are interacting with brands via social media”

Some pretty fascinating stats. In a more and more social world, we’re seeing pretty much every brand trying to get more social media traction because its impossible to thrive without this. If you just look at the sheer number of people logging into Facebook every day you’ll start to understand why brands are flocking there. Facebook’s success in particular seems pretty unparalleled. You’ve got big brands throwing up Super Bowl ads that try and promote their Facebook pages, you’ve got dozens and dozens of companies listed at http://www.facebookfansreviews.com that do nothing other than promote Facebook pages, and the proof is in the pudding with Facebook’s coming massive IPO. Facebook is continuously working on more and more features (music and games integration, Timeline, etc) that will keep people on Facebook for more time every day, so I think this trend is only going to escalate despite them already being past the point where you’d bet that their growth would slow down.

Comment by Will D. on February 15th, 2012

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