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5 facts about digital life – post #7

A series of short posts with the latest facts about our digital economy and lives. Use them for your presentations, blogs, homework or trivia nights.

  • Over 8 million tablet computers are expected to be sold in 2010. Source: The Economist
  • Facebook flashed more than 176 billion banner ads at users in the first three months of this year — more than any other site. Source: Time
  • Sales of music in the form of digital files grew by 9.2% to exceed a quarter of total sales during 2009. Source: The Economist
  • Five months after it was launched, users of Blippy – a Twitter-like service that broadcasts what people buy – share $1.5 million in transactions every week. Source: The Washington Post
  • The average YouTube user spends 15 minutes a day on the website, compared with 5 hours that the average TV viewer spends in front of the box. Source: The Economist

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Written by Craig Wilson