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5 facts about digital life – post #14

A series of short posts with the latest facts about our digital economy and lives. Use them for your presentations, blogs, homework or trivia nights.

  • Fewer than 1% of LinkedIn’s 50 million members worldwide actually pay for the service, compared with around 10% of Viadeo’s and 18% of Xing’s. Source: The Economist
  • There are currently 21 generic internet domains in addition to the 280 country suffixes (such as .uk, .in, etc.) Source: The Economist
  • Facebook currently has more than 65 million mobile users. Source: The Economist
  • Currently about 1.2 million subscribers worldwide access broadband internet via satellite. Source: The Economist
  • There are nearly 200 million internet addresses in use, which generate more than $2.5 billion a year in renewal fees. Source: The Economist
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Written by Craig Wilson