5 facts about digital life – post #13

A series of short posts with the latest facts about our digital economy and lives. Use them for your presentations, blogs, homework or trivia nights.

  • The number of members of LinkedIn with the title vice-president grew 426% faster than the membership of the site as a whole in 2005-09. Source: The Economist
  • Five months after it was launched, users of Blippy – a Twitter-like service that broadcasts what people buy – share $1.5 million in transactions every week. Source: Washington Post
  • Research pegs the total U.S. social media audience at 127 million. Source: Ad Week
  • Around 20% of all online transactions now take place over so-called alternative payment systems – bypassing banks and credit cards. Source: Wired Magazine
  • By 2020 the internet will add $3.8 trillion (£2.5 trillion) to the global economy, exceeding the gross domestic product of Germany. Source: BBC News
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Written by Craig Wilson