2HD’s breakfast replacement for Luke Grant revealed

Following on from December’s dismissal of 2HD breakfast announcer Luke Grant, we can now reveal that Brent Bultitude will be his replacement.

Several industry insiders suggested in comments to MediaHunter that Bultitude, the former afternoon announcer on 2HD, would move into the breakfast shift, and it seems they were correct.

Brent Bultitude has just joined Twitter as @2HDBreakfast and his one message so far is, “Doing the final prep for the first show! Join Brent on the airwaves from 6am on Monday!”

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Written by Craig Wilson

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Aaron Kearney will be rubbing his hands in glee I would think.

Comment by Whoopsie Daisy on January 8th, 2010

Does that mean an HOUR of Grant Goldman? between 5 and 6am

Comment by Julie on January 8th, 2010

Good on him!!!! Hope the show goes well and he slides into the Breakfast shift with ease..

Comment by maree on January 8th, 2010

OMG ! This guy makes Luke Grant sound like John Laws by comparison ! He spends his entire shift reading verbatim from Wikipedia and loves the sound of his own boring monotonical voice so much….it’s like 70′s radio all over again.

Comment by Mark on January 8th, 2010

The corks will be popping at 1233 and KOFM today!

2HD will now be consigned to fourth place at breakfast for the foreseeable future.

Richard King would have been a far better option as he has strong name recognition and is well like by listeners. Richard would also attract a large amount of the aged 40+ listeners who have fled 2HD to 1233 and KO over the past 12 months.

Oh well – I guess I’ll stick with Newsradio at breakfast now.

Comment by Frank on January 8th, 2010

I have found out why Bill Caralis likes Brent.

It seems Brent has had problems with the NSW Department of Fair Trading in the past.

Have a look at this link below:


A dodgy radio presenter working for a dodgy radio owner! It makes sense!

Comment by Frank on January 8th, 2010

I think you’ll also find that Steve Liebmann will be replaced on the Caralis network by John Laws within the next couple of weeks.

Comment by Mark on January 8th, 2010

Gee what a surprise, I was told back in November Bultitude would not be returning to 2HD after Xmas to do the extended afternoon shift (3 hours of network and two hours of local). The shift was cut back to 3 and 1 in late ’09 but that wasn’t good enough for the incredibly talented Brent. He would not be back unless it was to do breakfast on 2HD in 2010. It must be great to have mates like Guysie and Slimey, you’ll fit right in with these two BB… then again, seeing the size of them, you wouldn’t want to fit between them! Congratulations 2NUR and 1233, 2010 will be excellent for you both. As for NEW taking it up to KO / NX in 2010, yeah… well the only thing NEW FM will be taking is survey’s 1, 2 & 3 right up the clacker!

Comment by Little Johnnie on January 8th, 2010

being mates with management at spewfm and 2hgeek won’t save brent multitude-of-mistakes when things go awry.

it’s a coincidental occurence but when you’re in charge of a sinking ship,most of the (so-called) important decisions are made out of utter boredom and as the educated among us know,the cure for boredom is curiosity.

unfortunately…there’s no cure for curiosity.

Comment by dismist on January 10th, 2010

Well if thats the best 2hd can do for breakfast it will be along year phones that dont work because Brent is still learning how they work wot a joke and then he introduced the women from St John Ambulance as being the rep from the Salavation Army??? Then when she gave the wrong phone number for the first aid course Mr Arrogance severely corrected her! O and the $500 question wow how exciting and now hardly any music( 3 songs in about 2.5 hours) bye bye 2hd. They must be paying Lawsy some to lift them out of the deep dark hole there in.

Comment by radio nut on January 10th, 2010

Couldn’t agree more with radio nut’s comments about the Multitude of Bultitude this morning. Seriously, a best, he’s probably up to Parkes or Broken Hill standards, but Newcastle ? What he delivered this morning was third-grade twaddle. He clearly has no experience, no personality and has been given no direction (Sandgate de-rigeur). The only song I heard was a Bing Crosby 1928 classic and that was after painfully listening for 90 minutes. Never again.

Comment by Mark on January 11th, 2010

Must agree with the common sentiment expressed. Luke Grant kept the breakfast show moving along.
Brent won’t be able to do that.
Maybe his theme song could ‘Slip Sliding Away’
Ouch! That was harsh.
But Newcastle should have a quality AM commercial radio station ~ one with much local content ~ a mixture of talk, sport, entertainment and information.
2HD is largely networked so we may as well lobby for 2UE and 2GB to be relayed into our area as well. At least we’d then have choice.

Comment by John on January 11th, 2010

Where is Luke Grant now?
Is he working in radio or does he have plans to ?

Comment by John on January 11th, 2010

When I rang 2HD around 10 days ago, I was told Richard King was to be the breakfast host for 2010.
I guess they withheld the truth ~ or they changed their minds.
Methinks KO & 1233 will pick up additional listeners.

Comment by Jack on January 11th, 2010

Brent Bultitude what a joke! What or who did you have to do to get this gig? I can easily say I have never herd an announcer so crap and unprofessional in the breakfast time slot. Watch the ratings fall guy’s. Guy I have no idea what goes on in that dump but wake the hell up and fix this you’re a pathetic excuse for a human being. You and Brent need the sack ASAP


Comment by Bill Kington on January 11th, 2010

Couldn’t agree more with the majority of comments that the new brekky show is crap! Luke Grant was a much better option but then, I guess Caralis got Brent for the right price…and what about the Lawsy rumour, thought he’d have more brains than to be lured to the Super Radio Network (even the name’s a joke)..Lawsy must see it as a super challenge. He’ll need more than his golden microphone to put up with Caralis and his cronies.

Comment by Turned Off on January 12th, 2010

“turned off” you have the right words…


only they were in the wrong order.they should read…..

“to put that golden microphone up caralis” & needed to be pre-empted with i wish someone would try.

Comment by dismist on January 12th, 2010

I’m afraid I will not be listening to 2HD anymore. How one could possibly replace Luke Grant is beyond me. This new guy, Brent, is pathetic but perhaps he will improve with time but I won’t be listening. Please someone let us know where Luke is going so that we can listen to someone who is like one of the people of Newcastle.

Comment by Diane on January 12th, 2010

John Laws will NOT be going to 2SM/ Super Network in 2010, acording to a report in today’s Telegraph.
2UE are enforcing their non-competitor agreement with Laws which expires in Dec 2010.

Comment by Jack on January 12th, 2010

Comment by Jack on January 12th, 2010

John Laws WILL commence on the Super Radio Network in February. The only market he won’t be allowed to broadcast into is Sydney because that is the only one that is affected by 2UE’s non-competitor agreement. All the regional Caralis stations will be taking him.

Comment by Mark on January 13th, 2010

I have just been informed that there will be a story in tomorrow’s NEWCASTLE HERALD. Luke Grant tells all exclusive. Make sure you grab the herald tomorrow to get the full story from Lukes side.

Should be interesting.

Comment by Bill Kington on January 13th, 2010

I know we are talking about 2HD, but I have been listening to the New Fm breakfast crew since they got back and they sound great…love Sarah who is a new addition to the show..

Comment by maree on January 13th, 2010

Maree, you are far too easily pleased if you think “they sound great.”

Comment by Whoopsie Daisy on January 13th, 2010

Very controlled comments by Luke in the Herald cant believe he would want to return to his former employer.Surprise surprise they could not contact the station manager.
Anyway the station keeps bumbling along they now have a new local news reader (must have been trained at 2sm) who has trouble pronouncing certain words and names o wot a professional radio station . One thing we now know the new breakfast announcer can see ships from his balcony on the beach and he knows how hard it is to run a vineyard wot a self centred JERK!

Comment by radio nut on January 13th, 2010

I hear the (deleted) drives a 130k car and lives on the beach? He owns a restaurant and a vineyard in the hunter valley. If he is so well off why is working at 2HD? I don’t see him staying long. We need a bloke like Luke Grant who cares about the people and isn’t to good to talk to people like Brent Bultitude was too good to talk to me on air today. Guy Ashford come on mate give the bloke the sack he is hopeless and needs to be put back in his place.

The cocky little (deleted) needs to go back to worrying about his restaurant instead of trying to please the people of Newcastle because that will never happen. Despite the fact that he sounds atrocious on air and cant control a panel and has the worst laugh I have herd just on those bases any one else would get the sack. Because he is best mates with the station manager he gets to come in and destroy all Lukes hard work. Here is a tip why don’t you both (Brent Bultitude and Guy Ashford) leave and go and kick back in his waterfront property and rub oil into each others backs instead of let your emotions kick in and screw the station to the ground. Your both nothing but a joke!

Comment by Bill Kington on January 13th, 2010

This topic is clearly causing some heated responses, but I’d appreciate if everyone could refrain from directing obscenities at others in these comments. I have deleted a few words from the above comment and will not publish comments that cross the line with personal attacks.


Comment by Craig Wilson on January 13th, 2010

Reads like the usual mayhem up there at Sandgate with untrained, questionable talent lining up for a rocky ride in unreal radio. Messing with people’s lives and careers is an IR issue the staff need to raise at federal level. But the real victims are radio audiences who are entitled to hear on national airwaves professional and essential information and entertainment. Seems the licence holder at HD and NEW FM has much to answer for.

Comment by Cathy on January 14th, 2010

BTW – just read the Bultitude link on his brush with Fair Trading so no surprise Caralis hasn’t shown Graeme Gilbert the door over five hours of misleading populist drivel each night across three states. The failed 1993 Liberal candidate for the Tasmanian seat of Franklin and his right-wing sermons will one day put him on a collision course with ACMA. It’s worth occasionally tuning in for laughs as is Carter Edwards who fell hook line and sinker for the Spencer up the pole saga. What on earth has happend to real radio?

Comment by Cathy on January 14th, 2010

@ Cathy, 2GB and Grant Goldman fell for the Peter Spencer thing too so Carter Edwards wasn’t the only one who fell for that but I am sick of Carter trying to make out that Bill Caralis is some sort of good guy on the radio…the bloke is running 2HD into the ground and it’s time the current staff at 2HD including the ‘on air talent’ started saying what they really think about the way 2HD is being run

Comment by Julie on January 14th, 2010

whoopsie daisy if you can do a better job let us all know when and what time so we can tune in….

Comment by maree on January 14th, 2010

although there’s shared empathy for former staff who’ve worked for the Stupid-Radio-Network,i’m not sure about wanting to visit a site on facebook that’s got anything to do with Dill Caralis,a man who’s filthy,disgusting,foul language permeates the air enough without reading about it from past hired help.

if you want to endure a man spraying
saliva-lubricated variants of the
“F”-word into the atmosphere,like anti-aircraft fire,for 10 solid minutes,with a mind of pedestrian fortitude & overreaching & challenged callousness,hire SEXY BEAST on DVD.


Comment by dismist on January 14th, 2010

Maree sweetheart I’ve worked in radio for over 15 years, let me tell you, the Caralis-run stations are the arse-end of the spectrum. I could easily run 2HD and NEWFM better. So could a monkey. For you to think “they sound great” means either your husband, partner or child works there. I pity them.

Comment by Whoopsie Daisy on January 14th, 2010

whoopsie daisy I agree with Maree I think they the best the station has had in a long time and think you really need to get a grip and stop bitching when someone gives off their pointt of view.

Comment by Kirk James on January 14th, 2010

whoopsie Daisy no I do not have family members that work there.

And like I said “let us know what station and what time you are on so we can all tune in and listen”

Comment by maree on January 14th, 2010

Whoopsie Daisy I agree with Maree they are the best the show has had in a long time.
So stop your bitching at people as
they should be allowed to give off a remark without being attacked by somebody that can’t even give their real name.

Comment by Kirk James on January 14th, 2010

Formerly worked at 2HD/NEW, KO and NX plus around 12 other stations across NSW and Queensland. As said, a monkey could do better. The only problem is having the bananas to do it, and Caralis won’t fork them out.

2HD/NEW would be better off just giving dead air. Would be more entertaining these days.

Comment by Whoopsie Daisy on January 14th, 2010

Agree 100% with Whoopsie Daisy.

There’s no doubt that 2HD and NEWFM have fallen dramatically in quality over the past 10 years.

So to have other Caralis owned stations, some of whom have no local breakfast show and worse still are forced to put up with the robotic tones of Grant Goldman.

The figures speak for themselves – 2HD has gone from 1st to 4th in breakfast (even behind ABC!), whilst NEWFM is now competing only with JJJ.

Comment by Frank on January 15th, 2010

The ABC’s Media Watch has been trying to contact ex-Caralis employess who are willing to talk so that they can present a story on the misgivings of the Super Radio Network and the way they treat their staff. I suggest any disgruntled employees who have a genuine tale to tell contact Sally Virgoe at Media Watch. She would be more than happy to hear your story.

Comment by Mark on January 15th, 2010

Hey Kirk, I used to use my real name here until another radio professional (loose word) decided to post under my name. The owner of this site knows who I am and that’s all that matters. And for NEWFM to have “the best show they’ve had in a long time” speaks volumes for the shit they’ve been dishing out to listeners since BOG (such an appropriate business name) bought them.

I still give them less than 12 months before we have a new team. You cannot take on Austereo with bugger all marketing, bugger all management support, bugger all corporate knowledge and get anywhere. BOG would be better off “doing a 2SM” and withdrawing from the ratings.

Comment by Whoopsie Daisy on January 15th, 2010

Let’s now have a hard look at how NXFM got from where NEW is now to be massive #1.

First – Austereo bought it off the local consortium. Then they worked a “Continuous Hit Music” format into the station, a top 40 playlist on high rotation giving teen girls a lure to get them hooked in. Then as they rebuilt the station from the programming to sales to marketing, they bought in highly-trained people to start to phase in their main format – going from what was really a 10-24 female high-rotation top 40 station to slowly broaden it out into what it is today – a Hit Music station aimed 10-39.

So what is NEWFM doing? We’re a bit of this, a bit of that. We’re hit and miss. We’ll go from an “NX song” to a “KO song” and then we’ll do love song dedications at night. Arrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!

Find your niche format, be patient, build it, have faith in it, work it, be patient, fine-tune it, have faith in it. And all the time trust yourselves.

To me there seems to be too much second-guessing and worries about the “now”. Think 4-5 years like the old NX did back in the mid-90s when they went from the basket-case to the top-dog.

One time in 1994-ish NEW FM played a song for the team at NX during their Christmas Party – the song was Talking Heads “Road to Nowhere”.

I said to a staffer “what goes around comes around.”

NEW can rebuild themselves but I’m not confident it can/will be done anytime soon.

Comment by Whoopsie Daisy on January 15th, 2010

after painfully sitting through 4 or 5 of the last shows of kay & dessi (kate & desi ??),which was more woeful than that screaming crap that used to go on with ben (Hey;Look;It’(s)mee,david browne & some other sheila (laughing at everything but cancer)& spew fms worst ever ratings result in 19 or 20 years,around the middle of the year of 2008,spewfm had a fairly decent show going on with some bloke doing prank calls & fairly funny comedy.i saw the ratings went up a small amount.then that guy gets punted & in came some chick to put her 10 cents in & steve st.bomb screwed it up by flatlining the funny guy & playing girly music.then the girl who replaced the funny guy got punted after 2 or 3 ratings disasters & steve st.bomb works with brendan would-be-if-he-could-be.this show is the worst thing to occur in radio since static.in fact static is at least stomach-able.i listened to this show for about 20 minutes this morning out of necessity.maybe steve st.bomb is getting his relatives to send in blogs saying how great it is cause no-one else is.part of my job is to listen to all of the stations in Newcastle & i can tell you now;of all of them,spew fm is the worst from go to WOE…& i mean WOE.thank goodness i get paid for it.maybe someone could offer free advice to the manager of spew fm along the basis of NEVER ALLOW SOMEONE TO BE YOUR PRIORITY WHILE ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE THEIR OPTION.

Comment by dismist on January 15th, 2010

Brent Bultitude – let go by KOFM a few years ago for not being good enough to carry a music shift as a weekend casual and loving the sound of his own 70′s-style voice on the radio too much, now finds himself in a prime shift in Australia’s 6th biggest market ! Don’t blame Brent – he’s just a pawn in Guy’s little chess game. I just hope BB is giving you carte blanche everytime you wheel your fat belly into his restaurant!

Comment by Ian Patrick on January 27th, 2010

here are the facts why 2hd & new fm are decaying quickly & will both be
life-support system’s for digital clocks in the next 6 months.

bill caralis started out with nothing and still has most of it.

steve st.john’s such a miserable failure at everything he does,if he bought a cemetery,people would stop dying.

brendon wood is the sort of person you’d throw both ends of a rope to if he was drowning.

guy ashford is living proof that originality is undetected plaigarism

brent bultitude couldn’t ad-lib a fart after a plate of baked-beans.

Comment by finalfrontear on January 29th, 2010

Turn off 2Hd and switch on your your computor you can listen to Steve Price and the one and only Luke Grant on MTR1377.com.au.Goodbye so boring Brent.He sooooo suck’s up to his boss.

Comment by Pam on April 19th, 2010

i see another caralis mental asylum….oops….radio station….is celebrating 80 years on june 16th.it’s 2mo in dunnydah…oops gunnedah.book now to make sure you don’t miss out on splitting an Iced-Vovo (from the 6 packets ordered and paid for from their sister station newfm’s promotions budget)and complimentary glass of water (served in REAL plastic cups)at the
2mo-supporter-based phone booth next to the public toilet block (not to be confused with the station building which looks alarmingly similar in decor) situated in the narrabri local sewer.

apparently the station mgr,paul
“GUMMY” batchelor,who has been resigning every week for the last 8 years,recently whinged and said he’d only stay on if he got an updated station vehicle.rumour has it that he was given a model t ford in keeping with the 80 year anniversary theme.that’ll go nicely with the original On-Air-Studio panel and the monthly 8 pound 10 shillings salary paul receives.Oh caralis you big spender.

Comment by annzidifone on June 1st, 2010

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